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#1 Sallymae on 5 years ago

Hello everyone!

There will be a Tales of Panel at Otakuthon and we need people's help! What we were looking to do was make it more multimedia and have skits that people have liked from various series. What I am looking if possible is for people to share the skits that they have enjoyed the most it can be sad, funny, whichever!

So please share! :)

Also, it can be from ANY of the Tales series even the obscure ones

#2 Rainbowgasm on 5 years ago

are you referring to in-game skits or cosplay skits?

If in game, I love the one from Vesperia where Judith and Yuri meet... the flawless skin one where yuri brings up his good poker face XP

#3 Swordmaster on 5 years ago

Yuri's Birthday skit.

Also, Royal Crablettes.

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