Looking for Pokemon Coplayers

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#1 nekoyoka on 5 years ago

As said, we already have a decent group of cosplayers, but we're looking for a few more to complete the group.

What we have:
Professor Oak
Officer Jenny
Nurse Joy
Growlithe (for Jenny)

What we're looking for:
Meowth (for Team Rocket)
Pikachu (for Ash)
Chansey (for Nurse Joy)

Some that would be interesting to add:
Psyduck (for Misty)
Daisy (Misty's sister)
Violet (Misty's sister)
Lily (Misty's sister)
Giovanni (Team Rocket's Boss)
Arcanine (only if we get a Gary)
Butch (Team Rocket)
Cassidy (Team Rocket)
Ritchie (Ash's copycat rival)

Post in the thread if you're seriously interested in cosplaying with us on Saturday (November 2, 2013) and we can work out details.

#2 flareon64 on 5 years ago

I plan on cosplaying as roark from generation 4. I know the rest are more of the original characters but i hardly see 4th gen cosplayers. :bigtu:so i would be happy to join the group!!

#3 Ghai on 5 years ago

My friend and I will be showing up as Gold and Red

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