Cosworx Wig Question

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#1 Ronnichu on 5 years ago

Does anyone have any photos of the Holly wig in use? I'm looking to get it for an Inara Serra from Firefly cosplay, but I'm trying to find some user photos!

#2 Admin on 5 years ago

We have some stock photos here: [url][/url] but hopefully someone will be able to link you to an actual cosplay photo.

The only one I know of off the top of my head is where Jia used one as a base for this wig here: [url][/url] - but it's covered by a clip-on.

#3 animenerd93 on 5 years ago

Ronnichu, unless you absolutely cannot find the wig somewhere else, I really would recommend buying from here.... There has just been sooo many issues within the last year that I wouldn't risk it.... Also wig sizes have shrunk here so if u need a larger head, id look at arda or Epiccosplay