Any cosplay shop in montreal?

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#1 joink on 7 years ago

I wanted to know if there where any cosplay shops around the montreal area thanks ^^

#2 Kagomekai on 7 years ago

There is a store in China town that sells 'cosplay' (just random stuff, I saw some hetalia ones there. They have it in the right hand corner which is the same wall as the cash), I've never bought cosplay from them but I have bought stuff from their store. Its the one that has the sumo ramen (or whatever its called) above it.

#3 Zhor'Fughakee on 7 years ago

I don't know any shops that sells cosplay excepting this one that Kagomekai is talking about... unfortunatly =/ that would be awesome if a cosplay shop would open :c

#4 mazoku-chan on 7 years ago

#5 EmpressofSquee on 7 years ago

There's Ponton in the Old Port across from the Centaur. They're the oldest costume shop on town and have a large inventory of costumes for rent (3 floors!!!) as well as to sell, although after the phone conversation I had recently with one of their sales reps, I'm not too impressed with their customer service. It went something like this:

Me: Hi! Do you have the Mad Hatter's hat from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland?
Salesgirl: Well, I have something similar.
Me: I'm looking for the licensed version, the one from the film.
Salesgirl: Well... (pause with barely audible huff of impatience) That particular one would be in California somewhere.
Me: O_o... *click*

I'm going to assume she was new :eeek:

#6 Kagomekai on 7 years ago

Well if we're gonna just give costume shops in Montreal, then yes there are a lot. There's apparently two on st.catherine street, one near atwater and one near beri-uquam. Those two are called Moulin Rose. (Not to be mistaking with the adult store on mount royal called Moulin Rouge XD) But ya I buy stuff at Image-In in Mont-Royal. Currently they are having a sale on contact lenses soooo if you need contacts for a cosplay you could always go there while they are still having a sale. I got a pair that were a normal 60 buck plus tax for 39 plus tax, also the 90 dollar ones are on sale too for 50 bucks. There's also a costume store that I went to once near the Square Victoria Metro station.

#7 mmpr1990 on 4 years ago

Check them out on they do great work, take custom orders and have great prices! Got my power ranger helmet there great quality, recommend you check it out.