Post Your PHotos! :)

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#16 Mink on 16 years ago

Mine are in my gallery! Enjoy!

#17 SCLNeptune on 16 years ago

does anyone have any pictures of Lynleigh and I in our Uranus and Neptune outfits? I'd like to see!

#18 JoeBoeing on 16 years ago

Here are a couple of the photos I took:


I have the pic I took of you and your partner on there SCLNeptune.

I took 199 photos and like 23 of them didn't come out. My picture of Aeris didn't come out and neither did my Lulu pics which really upset me.


#19 Yuna on 16 years ago

OMG, Sana-chan, you want to talk about burned? My entire back is burned save for this single bare stripe up the center. Also, I have a BACKWARDS FAMERS TAN! Stupid sleeves!!!!

#20 Admin on 16 years ago

I have a ton of photos to go through but I'm too tired to do many tonight. :) Here are a few quick and dirty develops for now. These aren't finals, just a few examples before I work on them.




#21 Admin on 16 years ago



#22 Admin on 16 years ago




And now I'm gonna go sleep for about 14 hours in a vat of aloe. :)

#23 Eurobeat King on 16 years ago

Wowwwww!! First off this weekend I see X-2 and was amazed, and now I see the pictures from the 2nd photoshoot, and I'm just as impressed. ;) Very nice pics from everyone who posted their pictures, and can't wait to see more from Admin and the rest. :D Oh, Admin.. thanks for posting my Cherry Blossom Festival Parade & Wondercon pics. :skidude2:

Now I wish i was there to take pics.. lousy work.. :devil: But, my time will come in 2 weeks with A-cen.. can't come soon enuf, but it's coming.. (Have to survive a midnite showing of Matrix Reloaded the night before, first..) ;)

#24 psythe on 16 years ago

*points at Matt's KH Cloud photo*

That pic is so incredibly bad ass.

Looks like everyone had a good time and the costumes looked excellent. Awesome job everyone ^_^

#25 Sana-chan on 16 years ago

Weee those pics look so awesome!! (droolage)

Nessa- lol OUCH! man X_x that's no good lol. Aside from my weird arm tan now, for some reason only my right cheek on my face got burned lol. I did put some stuff on my face, but I guess not enough.

It's good to know that everyone else got sunburned... not like that's a good thing lol, but ya know XD.

#26 aimee on 16 years ago

oh my god those photos are stunning!

*drools all over jenny* AGH so pretty with that tree!

#27 CinsAngel on 16 years ago

Awsome Kyle! WOO!
Tenchi ya look so Sezzy!;)
*can't wait to see more*


#28 Dark Vision on 16 years ago

My god. *drools from the quality of pic*

Admin, these are before you work on them. *the technology brat faints*

They're really breath taking and I can't wait to see the all of the great pics.

#29 Aeris on 16 years ago

This pictures are so pretty *_*

#30 RyuHayabusaDOA2 on 16 years ago

I'll be uploading mine next week cause I'll be developing them on friday..and scan some of them as well. ^_^