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#1 aimee on 15 years ago



I had such a lovely relaxin time though! Everyone looked so lovely, and everyone was so friendly! (hopefully Mitch and I weren't TOO shy!)

Thanks for such a faboo time! it was marvelously organized, lots of cameras, great location, and tons of food! (eeP!)

I hope you guys continue to have gatherings!

this was really a nice mini-break for me, as I've been working way too hard, and taking a day off to dress up in fancy costumes and goof off in a gorgeous breezy park was just plain yummy.

and without further ado, some photos:

sorry I don't have more! Mitch and I should have gotten more random pics, and more pics of each person!

oh well! I'm sure others will recitify this situation with their own photos!

#2 shilayuki on 15 years ago

@[email protected];; wow, that was FAST O_O *looks at all the pretyt pictures* *_* It was so fun~ I think we should definitely have another gathering XD kyaaaa~~~

#3 Sana-chan on 15 years ago

I'm sunburned too tho XD.

Gah my photos won't be developed till a while lol. Aww those are such great photos! It was so awesome seeing everyone XD

#4 CinsAngel on 15 years ago

*LOL* Behold! Cins in her Faye Fright Wig of DOOOOOM!
I really need to get a better wig.
Thanks for the pic Aimee:)

It was wonderful to see everyone again and meet some new people. It TOTALLY made my week to go and have fun with Y'all! I only wish I didn't have to leave early.
Can't wait to see everyone's pics considering I didnt' have my camera because I'm a dork;)


#5 Doremi Chan on 15 years ago

I got sunburned also X_X I don't feel well :P

But Doremi chan had a super fun time! I'm glad everyone loved Hana Chan :) I won't have photos for a few days.

#6 AngilAdora on 15 years ago

Wah, i'll be gettin mai pix posted on wed! Have ta develope them tomorrow. ^_^ YOU ALL were AWESOME looking in your costumes! :D Hehe, i had a blast!! (should of dressed up tho.. X_x , next time!)

#7 DarkGunner on 15 years ago

Whoosh even though I didn't dress-up I luved taking pics of everyone in their costumes!! (Have to get em' developed) Thanks to everyone who made the picnic possible. n_n I had a blast!

#8 Freya on 15 years ago

Dah! Well I've got a "Few" photos up in my gallery under the Cosplay photoshoot album for yall to check out. I'll be adding more once I develop my rolls of film: bangs head for not taking more on the digital camera. 0_0

And yes it was great seeing everyone again! CinsAngel, I'll be seeing you online sometime! ^_^ And yay for Doremi-chan and everyone else...TOM & KUSANAGI! ^_^ yay! Well enjoy what I got so far...

#9 Troppy on 15 years ago

wow, all the photos so far are absolutely amazing! It looks like it was a lot of fun!

kinda makes you want to have such an event in...say...CHICAGO, doesn't it? Doooeeesn't it? ;D (Haha, where is Tetsugyu? He'd back me up...)

#10 Himurakenshin23 on 15 years ago

I got SOOO sunburned lol

#11 Benda on 15 years ago

Sunburned Oh the pain...... I am totally and utterly fried. But it was great fun and the pics are awesome!

#12 K_Valentine on 15 years ago

Just got home and after unpacking my props and clothes (needs my wolfwood shirt and spike tie for work tomorrow) I should have my pics up.

#13 Ashe on 15 years ago

Grr, I am so mad - figured out halfway through that my camera wasn't advancing for some reason, so all the pictures I thought I was taking were nai.

Luckily Sky and Merlose took a lot of pics, so I've got a couple up in my gallery. Skye'll probably post his as soon as I let him at the scanner. =p

#14 Dawn on 15 years ago

I have some pictures here:

Will have more up soon ^^

#15 K_Valentine on 15 years ago

Great pics, Dawn.

Just got my pics uploaded from my camera. I've got to wade through the retakes and unusables. Then resize them to something more suitable.