Yami no Matsuei (Decendants of Darkness) Gathering 2010

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#1 Ginryuu on 10 years ago

[B]Day: Friday
Time: 1pm
Location: FHS[/B]

So me and a couple friends were planing to do Yami no Matsuei cosplays on Friday and were wondering if there was anybody else out there who wold be interested in joining us!

So if you would like to join in let me know who you're going as!

Also, Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

Tsuzuki: Ginryuu
Hisoka: suzume_tori, Edward Elric (Fanime forums), Bakichan
Muraki: Duo Monkey

#2 Duo Monkey on 10 years ago

Yes, please do bring me another Tsuzuki. A clone of him would be wonderful to have.

#3 Ginryuu on 10 years ago

Oh wow...look at that. The only people to post here are me and the person I created the gathering with/for. For anybody else who may stumble across this thread in the future...we're going to meet up but it won't be an official gathering. Just not enough people interested. (EDIT: That's totally not true anymore...we're official in every way)

So here's the plan! We're meeting at the gathering site FHS: Front Hilton Side of the Convention Center Lobby (tree area up in the corner) at 1 in the afternoon. For those interested see ya there!

#4 Ginryuu on 10 years ago

Ok...now I have 3/4's of the total posts in this thread...and that is rather sad in a pathetic sort of way. But it's not like it's gonna stop me! XD

So, due to the fact that I'm an easily persuaded person...this is now an official gathering for real! You can thank BSaphire for that. ;) Since this is now the case, if there is anybody else out there who would like to join us feel more than welcome! Even if you're not in YnM cosplay and wana take photos leave a comment, since it will make me look less pathetic and prove to Hisoka that I am not a loser!

#5 Duo Monkey on 10 years ago

*coughsTsuzuki'salosercough* I'm sure they are well aware and will attend.

#6 Ginryuu on 10 years ago

Does that mean you've lost interest in me?! =D

#7 Duo Monkey on 10 years ago

No such luck.

#8 Yggdrasil Pie on 10 years ago

OH MAN! I LOVED YAMI NO MATSUEI SOOO MUCH! *___* I have been wanting to cosplay as Shota!Muraki for so long now! Too bad Fanime is so close, and I can't fit in any other cosplay plans. I'll definetly visit the gathering and take photos though! <3<3 Love you guys.

#9 Ginryuu on 10 years ago

I will look forward to you're photographic evidence for when I take out that restraining order on Muraki. ;)

#10 Duo Monkey on 10 years ago

I have more contacts in the higher government. You would not get a restraining order.

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