Borderlands Cosplay

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#1 MasterJh on 8 years ago

This is a thread about cosplay for Borderlands. If you've got any costumes/props from Borderlands, feel free to share :) (Note: if this thread has been made before, forgive me and let this one die)

I've just started on my first ever cosplay outfit: [URL=""]the Psycho[/URL]. I've got an old hockey mask of mine which i'm going to glue the bottom of a plastic bottle to the mouth area of the mask (to give the rather rubbish illusion of a ventilation system). I'm then going to paint over the entire mask with white and finish off with the detailing.
I'm also going to try and get some orange trousers and old leather belts. If anyone could give me some pointers on what type of trouser to use, i'd really appreciate it: i'm not too sure whether to try sweat pants, jeans, cargo, canvas etc.

#2 Moennet on 8 years ago

ehh... I'd go with cargo jeans without pockets... the way they're sewn together just looks like cargos to me. ^o^

#3 rubywings on 8 years ago

I agree with cargo pants, or any canvas pant that would be loose in the legs.

Boyfriend and I are doing Lilith and Mordecai for PAX East next weekend, pics will follow soon after!

#4 Icurnezko on 8 years ago

My boyfriend and I are going to TRY to pull off Lilith and Ned at Dragon*Con this year if we have time... also working on Nina Williams and Yoshimitsu from Tekken 6, so...*crosses fingers*

#5 Icurnezko on 8 years ago

[QUOTE=rubywings;3369418]I agree with cargo pants, or any canvas pant that would be loose in the legs.

Boyfriend and I are doing Lilith and Mordecai for PAX East next weekend, pics will follow soon after![/QUOTE]

How did it turn out? Pics! :-)

#6 Shawnzy on 8 years ago

I've been workin on a Ned/Zed a bit. Not much progress so far due to RL stuff, but hope to have it presentable at least by con-season.


#7 Ghai on 8 years ago

me and my girlfriend gave Roland and Lilith a try. We may try again later. I made his armor out of cardboard and was going to glue it to backpack straps. I also wore a vest under it. It would have looked pretty decent, but I didn't give myself enough prep time for it. That and I need to drop a bit of weight too.

#8 sinfinity on 8 years ago

My boyfriend and I just went to ACen as Lilith and Mordecai - we actually won Best Group for it too! I have pictures up in my gallery. We were two of only four Borderlands people there, surprisingly. There was a Moxxi and a REALLY good Psycho...of which we only crossed paths with once, sadly.

We might be going to Youmacon, and if we do we'll probably bust these out again - I'll be making a Roland and Brick to go along with them if that's the case. They were a ton of fun to wear, and the conversations we had with people just made it better. On Saturday we actually asked each person that took our picture what class they played...
Sirens FTW! (:

#9 Lightane on 8 years ago

My friends and I might be getting a Borderlands group together for early 2011. :3

#10 NeonBunnyGirl on 8 years ago

[CENTER]My Boyfriend and i went as Dr. Zed and Mad Moxxi to megacon this year, might go to dragon-con as borderland characters.. there's a few things i have to fix on our costumes but i'm fairly happy with the results so far :3 i also made a "plush" claptrap, although it was a test model.. so its not perfect..
[URL=""]Dr Zed / Moxxi cosplay[/URL]

[URL=""]Claptrap plush[/URL][/CENTER]

#11 Icurnezko on 8 years ago

I've noticed a lot of people that do Lilith do a really pale yellow/white zippered jacket portion, but on my computer (and the others I've hijacked) it looks pale greenish in game using the default colors. I know you can change the colors of the outfit, but I want to go it just me or does it actually start a shade of green?

#12 NeonBunnyGirl on 8 years ago

your talking about the under jacket right? on 360 it looks more greenish than yellow.

#13 sinfinity on 8 years ago

I went with a tannish color for mine because it seems most realistic. I had planed to weather it and dirty it up, but time got the best of me on that one.

Anyway, on my tv and in screenshots on my monitor it looks much closer to yellow than green, but that's just me.

#14 NeonBunnyGirl on 8 years ago

it might help you, if you go on the gearbox forums. i've heard the makers hang around there sometimes, so they might answer your question.

#15 Icurnezko on 8 years ago

Thanks, I'll check that out!

And, I just looked in game when you go through character creation and it does default as one of the colors in the "yellow-green" column on my screen on P.C. Then again, I guess it would all depend on the monitor. lol *sigh* Either way, I hope as long as I get all the pieces right, it won't matter too much in the color difference. :-)