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#1 Mekou on 7 years ago

I kind of noticed that there's several groups planning different photoshoot/picnics for the upcoming season. I for one like to have things organized, so I thought maybe I'd make a handy thread to keep track of what is being planned.

This thread will serve as a compiled list of events going on in the local (Ontario) cosplay community for 2012. Just post info about your event and provide a link (for information and/or discussion) and I will list it here~

For a list of upcoming conventions in Canada see here: [url]http://www.cosplay.com/showthread.php?t=253391[/url]


Events are listed in order by date.

[CENTER][U]Cosplay Gatherings & Events[/U][/CENTER]

#2 MDA on 7 years ago

October 29th for the Quinte Cosplay Day/Photoshoot III

PS - This is a great idea creating a calendar for Ontario cosplay/events!

#3 Mekou on 7 years ago

:D I hope the list will be beneficial to everyone. With so many events it's nice to have one place to check to see what's going on.

#4 Karitsa on 7 years ago

Thank you for posting this!! *bookmarks* :)

EDIT: Here's two more! Hope the links work...


#5 Mekou on 7 years ago

Thanks for sending me those! :D The list is now updated.

#6 SteamedRice345 on 7 years ago

Omg thanks for putting this up, I'll have to check the one next week ^^

#7 Lennester on 7 years ago

Thank you for making this thread i feel we should also add cons that are going to be taking place thorough out the year in list form as well. It would help alot of fellow cosplayers out. ^^

#8 Mekou on 7 years ago

I was considering adding cons to the list as well, but those are far more easier to track down than photoshoots/picnics (especially when it seems a lot of them ar eplanned on facebook now). Cons you can find here in the canadian forums or at places like animecons.com.

Might be a list I'll keep track of in the future if people seem to want that too. I just figured it wasn't necessary.

#9 Angathol on 7 years ago

I think we can keep conventions as a separate thread; I could get that one started at some point. Smaller gatherings aren't usually advertised as widely, so this thread is a great addition to the forum.

#10 Rikuzue on 7 years ago

yay! Finally a place to find all the small events. XD

Oh, also I'll probally be planning another Toronto Cosplay Skating this year but not till closer to December.

#11 Whystler on 7 years ago

Thanks for including us!


#12 AuthenticEm on 7 years ago

Oh wow, thanks for making this thread! I'm from ottawa and it's nice knowing that there are some other smaller things i can go to!

#13 Mekou on 7 years ago

A bump to make everyone aware of upcoming cosplay events!

#14 Karitsa on 7 years ago

It's super early, but I'm planning a cosplay picnic for my birthday in the spring. Anyone and everyone is invited! Details are on the event page. :)


#15 Limeyaku on 7 years ago

Hey hey! Can we add Niagara Falls Comic Con??? June 9!!!

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