Anyone disabled people who attend Saboten?

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#1 AutisticAlice on 7 years ago

I didn't realize there was a place for this. So I'm posting it here instead. I think its better here... hopefully a mod will delete the other thread in seeking cosplayers. :(

Anyway... copying what I said...

I was wondering because I'm looking for anyone that goes who has a disability. I want to meet up next year if you plan on going. The manager of Saboten is really stingy on accommodating me due to disability and I was hoping that maybe I could try to get him to see that there are people with disabilities who go that need to be accommodated.

For me, I have full blown High Functioning-Autism/Asperger Syndrome, ADHD, mild developmental disability and Severe anxiety. I am only hoping that if there are people who go that are like me, I could meet up with you next year if you are going and hang out at the convention.

My mom always has to be with me and I want to try to get her to not be with me all the time, as long as I am with someone who has some similiarity to my disabilities and can provide support for me.

So if anyone goes to Saboten and plans on going next year... post here?