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#1 playmysitardemy on 8 years ago

I know there has to be more T&B fans that are coming to this con! I am bringing Kotetsu and I have a Bunny coming with me. Anyone else? Please?

Alright, so I asked this on LJ, but I'll ask here too: anyone want to help
supervise this thing with me?

[B]Time: 2:00 P.M.
Day: Saturday
Meeting Place: Lobby![/B]

So far it looks like we have:

-Playmysitardemy: Kotetsu (default? lol)

-Exturkvalentine: Barnaby (default too)

-Mirai Noah: Gym!Karina

-Astro: Gym!Keith and Default Keith

-Astro's friend: Cis

-Astro's friend: Gym!Ivan

-Tenshiryuu: Suit!Kotetsu

-Yukari Kaiba: Suit!Bunny

...I suck at this stuff. lol

#2 Mirai Noah on 8 years ago

I already commented on LJ, but I'll post here for good measure! :D I'll be bringing gym!Karina~ Looking forward to meeting more T&B fans :D

#3 Astro on 8 years ago

I too commented on LJ but I'll be doing Keith and Keith again! (gym and regular)

#4 playmysitardemy on 8 years ago

Yeah, I've been watching the thread since I put it up. Someone mentioned doing the meetup Friday?

#5 Astro on 8 years ago

That was me!

And I forgot to mention that my friend will be joining us as Cis and gym!Ivan. I've noticed that at least a few of us were going to be doing 2 costumes, should we do two photoshoots/meets?

#6 playmysitardemy on 8 years ago

Seems it should be the case. I know I'm only taking one, but who's taking multiple ones?

#7 Astro on 8 years ago

I'm pretty sure that Vespabee (on LJ) and her friend are taking both normal and gym Bunny and Tiger, and my friend and I will also have two costumes each. Not sure if anyone else is?

#8 Tenshiryuu on 8 years ago

Gonna due black/green suit Kotetsu from ep 14(I think that was it), and probably regular and exercise suit as well. So glad that there will be other T&B cosplayers!

#9 Mirai Noah on 8 years ago

I'm probably only bringing the gym outfit for Karina, but multiple meetups could be cool too :)

#10 Yukari Kaiba on 8 years ago

I'll be doing Suit!Barnaby - super excited to meet up with other T&B cosplayers =D

#11 playmysitardemy on 8 years ago

Hey guys, if you're still interested in this, let me know. We're getting close to October and I tend to plan my cosplay around photo shoots. I dunno if anyone else does that.

#12 Astro on 8 years ago

I am! My friend and I will still be doing gym!Keith and gym!Ivan and if there's time, regular!Keith and Cis. I also know that an Agnes will be attending as well as a regular Tiger & Bunny.

#13 Mirai Noah on 8 years ago

I'm still up for it! :D

#14 Mirai Noah on 8 years ago

Sorry to bump the thread, but what day/time works best for everyone?

#15 Astro on 8 years ago

Aaah, the fabric for our costumes still hasn't arrived. >_< It's going to be a mad rush to finish everything.
I'm good with any time! I do have an AA table though, so I'll need to plan ahead to make sure somebody can watch my booth if it's during AA hours. I probably won't be there until late on Friday though, so Saturday or Sunday would be best for me!

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