Hotels Near (Anaheim Convention Center)

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#16 ElCapitan on 8 years ago


I know this may be a bit early, but do you happen to know which hotels will be the official convention hotels for the convention?

Will it be the Anaheim Marriott and the Anaheim Hilton? Or will it be different hotels?[/QUOTE]
I'm afraid that info isn't public yet, I'm sure Chase will make an announcement as soon as he feels the time is right.

[QUOTE=LelouchYamazaki;3728622]Hey Hakaider so now that we might have something going on at disneyland we might all want to stay an extra day if what chase says goes through.

It might be a pretty awesome week, for anyone one wondering Chase Wang went on Anime News Network podcast and announced hes working on something with Disney so might be an extra event on the 4th possibly?[/QUOTE]
Not my place to give away the details on this either, but I will say that when this first came up internally, a lot of our own people were really stoked. It's pretty cool, I'm pretty sure you guys won't be disappointed.

#17 Phanari on 8 years ago

I know for a fact there's a Hilton on Convention Way. That's right next to the Con Center.