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#1 gamerpanda on 13 years ago

Well, as I did't see any Fire Emblem cosplay threads, I thought I might start one.

I am thinking about cosplaying as Florina from Fire Emblem 7 (the first one for GBA)

here's a picture of here for those who aren't familiar [URL=""][/URL]

This is, in fact, my first cosplay that I'm doing. I think I'm going to find a pegasus stuffed animal to stand in as my steed. ...I think the hardest part might be the

Any suggestions? I am also interested in anyone else who has done a FE character. ...I wonder if anyone will recognize me?

#2 gamerpanda on 13 years ago

*waits patiently*

#3 RustyAngel on 13 years ago

Keeping in mind I've only done a few costumes myself...^^;

It shouldn't be too difficult to find a purple wig...depending on your budget, or eBay might have something similar to what you're looking for...(upon looking at Amphigory, unfortunately it looks like the Cleopatra and Heroine wigs, which look like the closest style, don't come in that shade of purple. You could get the Enchantment in "Femme" and cut it...)

For the dress, you might be able to find a simple sewing pattern to use. For the boots, you might be able to make some sort of long boot covers out of spandex...the shoulder armor might take some creativity. You could possibly use some kind of foam kneepads or elbowpads and paint and decorate them to look similar...also, [URL=""]Amethyst Angel[/URL] has a nice tutorial for making armor out of foam...

Part of the fun of cosplay is experimenting, so you might want to try some things out, and then post if you have a specific question about something. ^_^ Good luck!

#4 gamerpanda on 13 years ago

Yes, Erica would be cool, but perhaps a little too complicated for my first attempt...

For those more experienced, it would be really cool.

There's a lot of cool characters in the new FE game for Gamecube. Unfortunatlly, there aren't many pictures of them yet...

#5 Tenebrae on 13 years ago

Were there specific parts of the costume, besides, the wig, that you had questions about / problems with?
For the wig, you might also check the wig store. Either way, you will probably need to dye the wig. Check the Wig forum for the threads on wig dye and/or check out the sticky FAQ at the top. :)


#6 gamerpanda on 13 years ago

The thing I think I'm going to have the most trouble on would be the boots. I know my best bet would be boot covers, but I don't eve have the first idea how to make them...

#7 Eriol on 13 years ago

There are very few Fire Emblem threads here. It is not a big series compared to other RPGs.

You can find more Fire Emblem artwork here:

#8 gamerpanda on 13 years ago


#9 Tenebrae on 13 years ago

Boot cover tutorials:
There's one under Tutorials here:


#10 gamerpanda on 13 years ago

O.O That's Wonderful!! *Hugs Tenebrae* You made my day!! You and State_Alchemist are making me feel like I can really do this costume! I heart you!

Will you be my best friend on

#11 Tenebrae on 13 years ago

My evil twin Tenbrae apparently rocks hardcore...but what about Tenebrae, huh? ;)
*sticks an E in gamerpanda's .sig*

Always happy to help!


#12 Shadow Dragonia on 13 years ago

SISTER!!!! lol, I'm planning a Farina cosplay. :D

But if your looking for other fire emblem cosplayers *points to self* I've done Erk, working on finishing up Matthew, and like I said I'm gonna do Farina (not to mention the other 20 or so characters I wanna do but probably wont, lol). I also ran into a few FE cosplayers at Otakon 05, so they are out there, just gotta find them.

#13 gamerpanda on 13 years ago

Cool! I kind of figured that no one really cosplayed this game from the response (or lack there of). Glad to see somone else is going to be a fellow Pegasus Knight!

Are you going to do weapon and all? I think I'm just going to bring a little pegasus stuffed animal since Florina is more of a lover than a fighter! ^_^'s a shame you don't live by me!

#14 Eriol on 13 years ago

[QUOTE=gamerpanda]Cool! I kind of figured that no one really cosplayed this game from the response (or lack there of). [/quote]

Consider yourself to be among a group of special cosplayers. :-)

Fire Emblem just doesn't get nearly as much marketing money as Final Fantasy, so a lot of RPGs go unnoticed by cosplayers. Fire Emblem has about as many cosplaying fans as Breath of Fire, Star Ocean, or Wild Arms.

As long as you don't need people to recognize you immediately at cons, you'll be fine.

#15 Shadow Dragonia on 13 years ago

Oh yes, most likely gonna have a spear with me. I've grown to prefer to have weapon props with my costumes. It just makes me feel better that even if someone else cosplays the same character, they usually dont have the weapon too. And Fire Emblem cosplayers might not get recognize right away or often. But I think it just makes you feel better when someone does recognize you. I wore Matthew to Anime USA this past weekend and this is pretty much what happened when the first person to recognize said something:

person: "exscuse me? are you cosplaying Matthew from fire emblem?"
person: XD "can I get a picture?"
me: "YAY YAY YAY, sure" *picture* "yay, someone knew who I was!!" *GLOMP*

That was pretty much it, I did that to the other 2 people who recognized me too, lol. It was funny. ^^