Deviantart anyone?

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#1 ilikeyaoi on 13 years ago

So, any other members here on good old DA? My name on there is DerangedQ (if you'd like to check it out), what do you think of it? Personally, I think it's much better than Sheezy art, or the FAC, but that's just me.

#2 YunalescaSummon on 13 years ago

i'm on dA. it's fabulous.

#3 Edazer on 13 years ago

I am too, but my art sucks... ._.


#4 PrettyKittyMulu on 13 years ago

I love deviantart..^^
[url][/url], although that's actually in my signature already.

#5 Pensuke on 13 years ago

My username is Pensuke. It's kinda my "pen" name. Get it?

#6 Gogglegirl on 13 years ago

I'm on there too

here is the link if you wanna see my crappy black and white stuff...i've got one color pic up there....


#7 kill on 13 years ago

yup I be on Da as well- I think its great^^- although I think I'm on there way to much ._.' - My username is Branimira on DA- just in case you want to peek at it-

#8 Angel_Rinoa on 13 years ago

^^ I'm on there too! SheezyArt has too little people on there and not enough clubs, I like DA better. :D

#9 Doodle_MG on 13 years ago


I have my own gallery as well. Check it out if you want, as I do not only art, but photography to a degree as well. Personally, I like my art... ~~

#10 AncientWanderer on 13 years ago

DA is great....I wish I could get some motivation nowadays :P
Nothing spectacular, but here's my link:


#11 kira_elric on 13 years ago That's me! ^^

#12 Countess Lenore on 13 years ago

I can be found hiding out on dA. [url][/url] is where I usually am^^

#13 livengood on 13 years ago

I thought it was you DerangedQ!

[url][/url] That's me! :D

Honey, I've been there for over two years and I'll tell you. Nobody can touch DA. It's my home away from home.

#14 Kiante on 13 years ago

Me three :D

Ive been seriously active as of late. Of course comments are more than welcome. I love to know what you like and dislike about my pieces.


#15 Silentmusician on 13 years ago

Man, I forgot about that account on DA! lol Time to post some art anyway.