Gijinka Pokemon on Sunday!!!

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#1 Lunar Dragon on 9 years ago

So I have 11 people joining me so far for a Gijinka Pokemon group on Sunday. If I get enough people I would love to have a photo shoo! Anyone else wanna join us? So far I have:


Repeats are cool. It doesn't matter, its all for fun. Trainers are welcome too!
As far as locations and time goes, I will post that soon.

#2 NiGHTmaren on 9 years ago

I've been thinking of doing a Rapidash...I'll let you know as it gets closer to the con.

#3 missind33 on 9 years ago

I love the idea! Right now I am still trying to finish my never-ending gown for Metrocon. But if I have time I will do Treeko. I'll let you know before the convention.

(Sorry for taking a while to respond!)

#4 KurohaneShizumi on 9 years ago

#5 Sylmerai on 9 years ago

OMG! I'm so excited :D Def. will be taking pictures!

#6 Nekomeishi on 9 years ago

I might have my Eevee cosplay done by then! ^__^

#7 Chiefy on 9 years ago

Im changing mine to Sudowoodo not gonna be Elekid anymore. xP

#8 Korinchan on 9 years ago

Yay! I can't wait for this! We're gonna have so much fun. ^^

#9 heyheyallright on 9 years ago

Once I know the time and location, I'm all for being a second Sudowoodo at this meetup. :)

#10 Chiefy on 9 years ago

[QUOTE=heyheyallright;3001115]Once I know the time and location, I'm all for being a second Sudowoodo at this meetup. :)[/QUOTE]

LOL! 2 Sudowoodos!? We could take over the planet xD.

#11 SwirlyFishCake on 9 years ago

Im in, heyheyallright talked me into it ;) Ill most likely be going as Ninetails, let us know when and where and we are so there XD

#12 missind33 on 9 years ago

Yay, I cannot wait to see everyone! I'll definitly be going as Treeko. I thought I said I was positive I would be there in my earlier post! I keep posted to find out the time and location!

#13 chaogod on 9 years ago

If i can get my Lucario Cosplay done by then id be more then happy to join in on that :D
I just need to make the mask, gloves, and tail.

#14 ChuuMousie on 9 years ago

If I have enough room in my luggage I may bring my East Sea Gastrodon.

#15 Foos on 9 years ago

Ha, so awesome to see this many people willing to do silly pokemon cosplay! I'll be there in my bulbasaur hoody/backpack on Sunday, and also in a more gijinka-ish version during various parts of the weekend. XD We are gonna get such hilariously tacky pics.