Disney Cosplayers?

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#1 Soos on 6 years ago

I might be mistaken about this but wasn't there a Disney gathering for ALA this year?
If not is anyone attending doing any sort of Disney cosplay?

Update: To anyone that comes to this thread please head to our gathering thread located here:


#2 rikkuchan01 on 6 years ago

ill be going as belle probably on friday

#3 Soos on 6 years ago

Awesome! ^_^

#4 livengood on 6 years ago

From looking through. It seems as though no gathering has been set up as of yet. If you'd like. It may be a good idea to start up a thread for the actual gathering.

Friday seems fairly open in the afternoon. Saturday looks fairly busy until after 4PM. Sunday looks wide open at the moment.

I and a few friends should be doing some Wreck-it-ralph/Sugar Rush cosplay.

edit: I wouldn't mind Friday for a gathering since I have some more over the top/elaborate costume I'd want to save for Saturday.

#5 rikkuchan01 on 6 years ago

agreed ^ :)

#6 Soos on 6 years ago

To be perfectly honest, I've no experience in setting up a gathering. Posting a thread I can do of course. What else would I need to do outside of setting up the time, place, and such? Only thing is I don't know if I can make it to a friday afternoon gathering as I have a Resident Evil gathering scheduled during that time. I'll keep this updated. If this does work out, I will be there in my costume with my girlfriend as Wendy.

Ideas and any kind of input is definitely appreciated ^_^

#7 livengood on 6 years ago

You've pretty much got it covered. Setting up the time, place, and day are the usual staples. Sometimes the thread starters post what people are cosplaying to the gathering. Also, if you start the thread, be sure you let the ALA gathering list thread know the gathering time, place, and day since people browse that for the gatherings.

#8 tehravingalice on 6 years ago

I'm going to be in the pool as a nemo

#9 rikkuchan01 on 6 years ago

so will there be a gathering? or should we make one?

#10 G-Force on 6 years ago

I'm planning to show up as Kuzco for Cosplay Chess if I get accepted. Hopefully the gathering is on the same day

#11 Portal Jumper on 6 years ago

If all goes as planned, a few friends and I will be coming as characters from the "Twisted Princess" series, as well as entering our group in the masquerade on Saturday.

#12 Poody on 6 years ago

As usual, I will be there in at least one Disney cosplay.... :-P

#13 rikkuchan01 on 6 years ago

Omg poody I love all your Disney cosplays! But someone should make a thread and host it not sure soos will do it. The time slots for Friday are getting filled fast!

#14 rj_sosongco on 6 years ago

It ain't Disney, but I'll be bringing Rufio to ALA :3

#15 livengood on 6 years ago

If I may throw out a time for a gathering. May I suggest 4PM Friday? I'm part of cosplay chess and the game and breakdown doesn't finish until 4PM. This would still be early enough that it would be at least somewhat light out, and the 4PM time slot isn't taken yet. It seems more then a few others want to do Friday as well(since saturday is pretty booked solid.

If others are okay with it, we can let the main gathering thread know and get us slotted for that time.