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#1 thexexile on 7 years ago

[FONT="Times New Roman"][CENTER]Is there a meetup already arranged or should we arrange one?
I'm going to be Battle Bunny Riven on Saturday.[/CENTER][/FONT]

#2 Talismand on 7 years ago

ill keep a look out for ya but as far as i know there is no lol meet up :( im trying to make either Talon or Varus but wont be done in time sadly

lol name: Balisterbone

#3 thexexile on 7 years ago

Alright! Well if you hear of one lemme know, or if worst comes to worst, we can always arrange one there and spread out the word.

#4 Talismand on 7 years ago

this much is true its what im doing for final fantasy 8 lol been spamming the boards here but no one seems interested :(

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