AMA 2013 Hotel Group

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#1 Kazumayuuki on 6 years ago

Hi Im starting a small hotel group for AMA 2013. This is for cosplayers who want a place to sleep and to attend the entire convention but not pay an arm and leg for a hotel room. The Hotel is a redroof Inn directly across the street from the convention center. It's a standard 2 full bed room with free wi-fi if you are a redicard member. Currently looking for three to five people for the room as it costs $160. If three join we pay $40 each, if five join we all pay $27 each. Please note that space is tight so please pack as few bags if possible.

Rules: (Note failure to follow the rules will see you kicked out of the room)

1. No drinking or drugs unless you got a scrip for it.
2. You make a mess you clean it up
3. Mind your matters, no fighting
4. Don't take forever in the bathroom, there are others in need of it
5. If you wanna have sex dont do it in the room, go to a car or back to the con.

You can pay when you arrive at the convention or send it to me in advance via Western Union, contact me for details.

#2 JonathonWolf on 6 years ago

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