Is it possible to to sell thing at Ohayocon and not be a dealer?

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#1 Sebastianebilly on 6 years ago

I would like to sell my duck tape wallets at Ohayocon 2011 anime convention. but don't think I could get a table or be a dealer. Is it legal to sell it at all and if yes, where?:angel:

#2 Boreotheria on 6 years ago

The rule for any con is, check their policies. Also check the rates for dealers, you may be pleasantly surprised. There might also be an artist's alley where you can sell crafts too. Those usually involve renting a table but it's much cheaper than a dealer table.

#3 Miyabi- on 6 years ago

Yeah, the only other way to sell things at Ohayocon without being a vendor is to apply for an artists alley table.
Check out Ohayocon's forums and site for further info on applying.