Magi: Labyrinth of Magic cosplayers?

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#31 TMLiza on 7 years ago

I'm going to be in Morgiana all day Saturday so any time is okay for me.

#32 Kaze Saffire on 7 years ago

12 was just a kickstarter so we could get this thing moving a bit. I've got a photoshoot myself at 4 to run to so anything before that could work for me. How about 2 since I'm gunna guess that you need time to change?

#33 Zetchi on 7 years ago

I don't think I replied to this thread, but I'll be cosplaying Morgiana and I'll have an Alibaba, maybe a Ja'far, and a Kougyoku.

Also I'm the "cel" of celZUKI from the AN forums. Otherwise known as celsius.

#34 Kaze Saffire on 7 years ago

Noted. Can't wait for this to go off. Looking like a pretty lively group. 2PM at the red bridges If they are occupied, we migrate. Objections?

#35 spiritualizes on 7 years ago

i don't be able to make it if it's friday since i'll be graduating that day and arriving late - but pretty much any time saturday and sunday i'm fine with! i may or may not be changing but i still haven't decided a schedule yet

#36 Kaze Saffire on 7 years ago

Photoshoot is on Saturday. Congrats on graduating!

#37 TMLiza on 7 years ago

So are we set in stone for Saturday at 2?

#38 Kaze Saffire on 7 years ago

Looks like it. Nobody has objected thus far.

#39 Zetchi on 7 years ago

Er I think I might be down that Ja'far

#40 Zetchi on 7 years ago

[QUOTE=Daniella1127;4648867]omg so many Morgiana cosplays x____x If there's a photoshoot for Magi, I don't mind being a photographer... Taking pictures and stuff .-. After all, I don't any cosplay for a Magi character.[/QUOTE]

It'll probably be a good idea. I have the worst time finding pictures of me after a con. LOL

#41 Kaze Saffire on 7 years ago

Le sad face.

So. Another photoshoot is set to take place at 2:30 on the docks. When that time comes, we can easily migrate to another location. Like the side of the doubletree or the lobby of the doubletree ( which eerily, nobody has claimed yet. And usually that's a hotspot )

#42 inuDAhentai on 7 years ago

I will be wearing Sharrkan with my lovely Yamuraiha on Saturday

#43 Kaze Saffire on 7 years ago

Woot. We now have 3 of Sinbad's crew!

So, another group is having a photoshoot at 2:30. I'll do some wandering before hand to see if there's another open spot for us to continue our photoshoot/just have the whole shoot in general since everyone seems to be having theirs at the dock.

#44 dannylam4 on 7 years ago

We could try a different location? My Sinbad's about halfway there oTL Rush mode!

#45 Zetchi on 7 years ago

2 is fine. That's what was suggested before yeah? And that's before my panel, so I'm okay with that cause I'm running a panel at 3