Thores Art recomendation

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#1 WARPAINTandUnicorns on 7 years ago

I want a challenge (aka madness) of a project if I can get my Yami no Matsuei group off the ground for Anime North next year.

I've also way wanted to do a Thores Art/Trinity blood design but I'm not sure what to pick. I also like obscure.

I'm also a big boned girl so I'm hoping to find something that will accommodate of a change in physically size for dimensions.

#2 FeyMeggan on 7 years ago

Welcome to the insanity that is THORES(she not so secretly hates cosplayers as her designs attest).

As to a challenge....uhm...have you seen the TB artbook? The designs for Scissors Crown and all her other stuff? I don't think she's got a working definition for 'simple'.

As a larger person I think you can get away with most of the characters; though arguably, Aste, Shera and 'incognito Seth' might not do well. But that's just my opinion. But, if you want obscure, well, there's lots. Do you prefer human, methuselah, krusnik, vatican, rco or 'other'? You can always poke around in the [url=]TB photobucket account[/url](password THORES) and see what tickles your fancy.