Ai-Kon 2011 Dates

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#1 FalconW on 8 years ago

Ai-Kon dates are July 15-17, 2011. This will also be Ai-Kon's 10th Anniversary :).

Who's planning on attending?

#2 ShadeC4 on 8 years ago

I've never gone but I want to... Might go next year, will have to see where I'm at personally.

#3 Yunalicia on 8 years ago

I'm gonna try and get a table in the vendor room this year, since fighting for an art table seems like it may be a hard fought battle this year.

Can anyone else get to the site? seems down to me :S

#4 FalconW on 8 years ago

[QUOTE=Yunalicia;3712858]Can anyone else get to the site? seems down to me :S[/QUOTE]

The main site got hacked and infected. They've taken the site down so that they can repair and get back up and running asap.

#5 MinervaLi on 8 years ago

We're going to be there! It'll be our first time there but we're planning on invading the vendors room! I've heard such great things!