The official NDK 2011 Photoshoot Schedule

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#1 sunabozu_86 on 8 years ago

Here is the upcoming NDK 2011 Photoshoot schedule


If not in front of the Starbucks, then outside at empty parking lot south of main entrance (will meet in main lobby 15 minutes before 1:00PM)

Soul Eater Deathbucks Coffee & Shoot
Meet at Starbucks (if too crowded we'll move to a table in the lobby). We (The organizers of the shoot) will be offering up some really cute things for this coffee/tea party and photoshoot.

If not Starbucks, then outside (will meet in main lobby 15 minutes before 8:00PM)

NDK Pajama Party
Meeting at the photoshoot area first, then maybe find a corner upstairs to relax at after 10-15 minutes.


Hetalia Axis Powers
Meet by the photoshoot area and move to the hotels courtyard.

Naruto Photoshoot and Stampede
Outside island or empty south parking lot (will meet in main lobby 15 minutes before 12:00PM)

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Meet outside by the revolving doors and then moving to a better location from there.

Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler
Main Door/ Flag pole

Flag pole

Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy
South empty parking lot (where it's been for the past couple of years; will meet in main lobby 15 minutes before 2:00PM)

Legend of Zelda Universe
Front lawn of the hotel

Kingdom Hearts/Disney
Meet by the Revolving Doors

Homestuck/Problem Sleuth/MSPA
Meet by Tower elevators them move to a better location.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Outside by the flag poles


How the thread works is simple this is not a thread to discuss the shoots, do that on your shoots separate thread please. This is basically to list what days and times your shoot will be during the weekend. Katie (The cosplay director) and her people will list the shoot schedule on a poster board somewhere at ndk. Once your shoot planning has been made list the name of the shoot, day, where it will be at and what time and additional info such as where it will be at and where you'll meet and other info like a party or lunch or dinner.


Suikoden shoot
Friday at 2
Meet by the photoshoot area. A party will follow afterwards.

Anyways guys plan away. And things planned here on will be listed here and the official NDK forum and vice versa.