Brisbane Cosplay Ball

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#1 Asha-Morgan on 11 years ago

Now there has been much talk about a Cosplay Ball being held in Brisbane. But the major issue is where to have it and how many people we need to cater for.

We are hoping to have a few stalls, maybe get in some catering [maybe], cosplay games/comp, dancing, general con stuff we hope. It would be an after noon to night shindig as well. [like 2pm - 9pm or something]

So my question to you all is. Where abouts should we have it? [so where do most people live so we can cater for the larger population]

#2 Melanie on 11 years ago

You know where I live! ;) But you also know that I'll travel wherever, so my vote really doesn't count... I just wanted to feel special by replying. XD

#3 Asha-Morgan on 11 years ago

Yeah, you live too damn far away from me! XD
And any input is good *pokes this quiet thread*

#4 Leverett on 11 years ago

I live on the East side of Brisbane. So anywhere around there would be good! Or somewhere inner-city. But I know it would be hard to find a location =/

Man, a cosplay ball would be so awesome!

#5 Jequila on 11 years ago

Heh... I'm on the West side. I don't think it really matters where it is though, just how good the venue is.

Yee! Cosplay ball! =D I might actually be able to convice a friend or two to come with me =]

#6 SeishinKibou on 11 years ago

Well you know that I will be there XD I was just thinking that perhaps we could have a mini one first? Sortof like a big costume party? *ponders* Just to see how well the trial goes before trying a big one perhaps?

#7 Asha-Morgan on 11 years ago

hmm interesting, That may be useful to have a trial. So who's house are we having it at? XD We would still need a place to have it. There is a hall down the road from where I live but I live practically on the Gold Coast so its a bit far for peoples to go :S

#8 SeishinKibou on 11 years ago

lol shutgun not being my house XD heheheh

Yeah, we'ld still need a hall but it just wouldn't have to be so big if it was just a trial. So we wont have to worry about stalls and such. All the halls I know are near me =/. Perhaps we should list down all the halls we know and find one that is the best to get to via public trasnport.

#9 Fenix_tamer1 on 11 years ago

Umm.... how old do you have to be? And, ever thought of having a convention at rockhampton??? It's less packed then brisbane, and easily accsessable... When do u planon havin this ball?????

#10 Melanie on 11 years ago

I think everything is just in the "planning" stages as the moment, which roughly translates to "Wouldn't it be great if...?"

You know, having an event in somewhere between Rockhampton and Bundaberg would be an awesome idea, because getting to Brisbane for the big cons is a long trek for you guys!

Unfortunately, it would cut out of a lot of the potential Brisbane/Gold Coast attendees, but if there was a big enough demand for the ball to be held somewhere else, then yeah - I think it would be great!

#11 Asha-Morgan on 11 years ago

We have been looking into it, contrary to popular belief the people involved just haven't had the time to properly think about it just right now. We like to think we have other lives outside cosplay. But after Sydney Supanova we will try and get the ball moving on this thing, we would like to give people the chance at something different than the normal convention...

If there is enough demand then the ball may end up being outside Brisbane, so long as we get enough people interested and we can make it happen there. Thanks for your input Fenix_tamer1 ^^

#12 Melanie on 11 years ago

[QUOTE=Asha-Morgan;2112616]We like to think we have other lives outside cosplay. But after Sydney Supanova[/QUOTE]

Correct me if I'm wrong, but these Supanova plans are [i]all[/i] about cosplay, right? [i]That[/i] is not a life outside cosplay. :p Sorry. Just had to say it!

It's okay to say nothing's been done. No one else has done anything either, so no one has the right to complain... and this is why Animania is still king. -_-;;

#13 Fenix_tamer1 on 10 years ago

hehe, im so pumped, this is a very late reply and i was just wonderin wen it was on? i mite be able to make it if i dont have work.

#14 agitos_fang on 10 years ago

i was just wondering if you guys were still having a cosplay ball or is it still a pipe dream at the moment???

#15 BrokenBlackWolf on 10 years ago

If this ever turns out to eventuating, I'll be more then happy to help with the planning and what not ^_^