Fan Expo Countdown!

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#1 Brita_Lee on 11 years ago

As of now, its about 17 days till Fan Expo!
Who has their costumes done? Who is waiting till the last minute?
Countdown and panic in here!

#2 SoraTsutoni on 11 years ago

^o^ I'm excited! Soooo excited! ^o^
Sending out a reminder - there'll be an Ouran Hosted Picnic (on Saturday, starting at 1, meeting in the Lobby of the Intercontinental Hotel) With FREE food, games, lots of picture ops - should be a good time. xD
Other then that, I'm waiting for one more wig to get here. D: My Mello wig has yet to come in, though it should hopefully be here within the week.

I still need to finish my Chii costume though - I have quite a bit that I still need to do for that, but of course I wanna do what I did for AN - stay up the entire night before the con working on it. >.O (not!)

#3 ~ Toxic 911 ~ on 11 years ago

Can't wait, struggling to get costume done as early as possible. >.< (I know I'll finish it but how early, im not sure about.

#4 hatake404 on 11 years ago

Can`t, wait its my first one! I ordered myself an itachi costume over ebay, i predict a arrival on 19th-22nd august, i`d be pissed if it came after the expo >_<

#5 Uta Arashino on 11 years ago

I still have...three costumes to make, one of which isn't for me. D:

I should be working now...or cleaning my room. *fails*

#6 AncientWanderer on 11 years ago

I'm almost done both of my costumes...I'm just lazy/have no time to finish up the final lap :P

Plus I'm still waiting on a delivery from Cosworx, which I'm really afraid isn't going to come. I'm going to start getting on their asses about it, because otherwise I'll have to compromise the hair and body paint, which won't look as good :(

But YAY!! Either way it'll be freakin' awesome. Can't wait to dress as Zell and act a fool.

#7 Rock nam Lee on 11 years ago

Yikes, I still have to finish my Gohan costume (which is barely started). We'll see what Air Gear character I can cosplay as....

#8 Koi on 11 years ago

Oh god no. This thread can't exsist yet! -_-" I don't know if it'll be finished on time.

#9 Rin Edition on 11 years ago

x3 I remember this thing for AN.

What's the starting time on friday?
18 more days!

#10 sweet_kat22 on 11 years ago

I have an official counter somewhere.

OMG CN is coming! *bounces around room* Um Im having ebay issues so I am hoping they fix my Kakashi costume issue. If they can I might get it just in time.

I knew this thread was coming eventually - we had one last year I am sure.

This is how obsessed I am:

17 days, 15 hours, 47 mins, 09 secs until Fan Expo!

Muwaha :p

And to answer your question: Fan Expo starts at 4: 00 PM on friday.
Oh and that time is actually including my bus ride and the afternoon before fan expo. (I Leave at like 8 AM in the morning on a bus).

#11 Alexia Ishtar on 11 years ago

If you pre-reg you can get into the dealer's room at 1 or 2 I think but I'm not sure. I guarantee you I'll be wandering around in costume as soon as I get my hotel room.

Probably Neptune since it's so flow-y and pretty >_&lt;

and no, I'm not done XD

#12 Zahmira on 11 years ago

I've got all the important costumes done. I just have one more that I have to finish up that won't be a problem.

I'll be in costume as soon as I have a room as well. :)

#13 sweet_kat22 on 11 years ago

Oh cool. So Im probably putting my Jack on early too then. I didnt know we could get in that early.

#14 Alexia Ishtar on 11 years ago

[QUOTE=Zahmira;2033186]I've got all the important costumes done. I just have one more that I have to finish up that won't be a problem.

I'll be in costume as soon as I have a room as well. :)[/QUOTE]

You! *points at* what are you doing online! *prepares the foam bat o dewm* XD

Kat: Yeah if you pre-reg you can, but it's just dealer's room stuff. Nothing saying you can't walk around in costume and get some early photos :bigtu:

#15 sweet_kat22 on 11 years ago

Yeah I'd probably do that, depending what time the other pirates want to be ready we all might be out , not sure yet. (since most of us are in the same room).