How To Make Naruto Scrolls out of wood and paper

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#1 Kain666 on 13 years ago

Hi Ya'll, this is my 1st tutorial, and im gonna be teach'n you how to make Scrolls like in Naruto, and all the pictures are at the bottom after the instructions...good luck and have fun.

1. supplies -- scisors, bulldog clip, possibally a large cutting buard, cement glue, small dowel rods (your disgression) and i used small wooden thread spools that the dowels fit in, and last but not least...a roll of paper, yes a roll...go to a craft store/drafting supply store.

2. cut the dowels to the sixe you'd want, me i made them big enough to fit into the pockets on my Kakashi Vest, but make sure to plan ahead by marking where the end caps will be so you can get the appropriate size.

3. this is where all hell broke loose for me...the cement glue insta dried on my fingers lol...but nehow... glue the endcaps (I used wood spools) onto the ends, ad let them dry.

4. while all the wood is drying cut the paper by unrolling it AS YOU CUT (if you need 2 cut)...this will take a pretty good amount of time but its worth it to have 1 sheet on the scroll not 150 sheets...when your a good few minuts into this check the wood, and if its dry put some glue on the rod in a line and take the end of the paper and hold it down on the glue for as long as comfortable, then add some glue to the opposite end of the rod, and wrap the paper around tightley and hold down there...whjen your done with that put glue on opposite side (where you put the 1st line) and wrap tightley, and hold down.

5. after all that glue-mania, begin wrapping tightley till you get to where you were cutting on the paper roll, and put a bulldog clip on it so as to stop it from unrolling, than continue cutting and rolling till your happy...

6. add a string or sumtin to hold it all together and your done...Happy...





- this is all at your disgression so have fun with it
- my paper roll was too wide, so as i was unrolling it i was using my large cutting board to cut it in half while unrolling it so ican make 2 at a time (it is a pain in the beginning but it pays off...
- listen to loud music lol

ROCK ON PPL :rockon:

#2 Kain666 on 13 years ago

Here's the rest of the pictures...Good luck and have fun...





#3 Kain666 on 13 years ago

I guess that was the easy say the fun pary is designing the scrolls, and ive done as much as i could stand on one of them, by taking pictures from episodes of which scrolls were used and mimicking them as best as possible, and that wasnt that hard, and they look nice in the of my scrolls is part dog pack summoning, and another part, toad summoning even with the symbols and fingerprints, i even signed a column in that part too lol...

All i have to say is Have fun doing all of this and if possible post pics of your acheivements in scrollmaking in this thread...


#4 OMFG_its_Hanako on 13 years ago

Great tutorial! My cousin loves doing thinsg like this so when I showed him this he loved it! I made my scrolls differently but this way is great! ^^

#5 Kain666 on 13 years ago

np np...I started putting some randome symbol on one of the looks good...allthough only i'll know where there from...itll still look good

#6 PerverseSage on 10 years ago

Much better than my attempt at a scroll for my Jiraiya cosplay ... poor thing got crushed on the second day of con due to glomp related injuries. T__T

#7 KovuKora on 10 years ago

Awesome! I'm going to have to use this for my own Jiraiya cosplay. Thanks a bunch!