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#16 emraldalchemist on 14 years ago

if anyone needs to make a big shurikan 24x24 inches point to point .let me know i will give instructions.. i dont have any pics right now but will soon .. looks great

#17 PrincessYuni on 14 years ago

Featherweight: Your tutorial has been added. You never stop amazing me, keep 'em coming!

emraldalchemist & everyone else: All tutorials are welcome and encouraged!

#18 Ditto on 14 years ago

Feel this should be said (maybe even put in the first post), this thread is NOT to ask for help, it is NOT to say you're going to make a tutorial in the future. What this thread is for is to easily find (for those of you who are too lazy to use the search, and to make life easier for the rest of us) tutorials which are scattered on this forum. This thread is also to post links to your own tutorials, or tutorials you happen to find that you think should be added to the list.

#19 A J on 14 years ago

HCC's tutorial page:

Specifically, making silicone RTV molds and casting polyurethane resin:

#20 Kagato on 14 years ago

I put together a small tutorial on making Seifer's necklace from FF8.


#21 fuzzydude on 14 years ago

This is State_Alchemist's tutorial for making shinigani sandals.


#22 Unknowbie on 14 years ago

Since this is the first thing people see and probally check out when they come to the props forum, i would really suggest that we put in nice big letters at the top something about "USING THE SEARCH." It is amazing how many people i see asking questions that have been asked a million and a half times on the forums lol

#23 WARPAINTandUnicorns on 14 years ago

This is my gem making tutorial.


#24 PrincessYuni on 13 years ago

Ditto/Unknownbie: The new first post should reflect your point(s).

AJ/Kagato/fuzzydude/Ani BEE: I'll update the first post when I have more free time.

#25 Kukkii-san on 13 years ago

I posted a tutorial for Summoner Yuna's Staff (FF X) in my gallery:


#26 AquaHaute on 13 years ago

Regarding the people asking about wing tutorials - there probably wouldn't be much demand for it, but I could write up how I made my Haibane wings if people wanted. However, they're different than ordinary bird-wings/angel-wings/bat-wings/devil-wings, so the technique wouldn't really be applicable for anything other than Haibane wings - it'd be pretty narrow and specific.

#27 Cristophine on 13 years ago

Not a prop but I guess it's an accessory? My anbu vest tutorial: [url][/url]

#28 WARPAINTandUnicorns on 13 years ago

My Folding Fan tutorial


#29 PrincessYuni on 13 years ago

Ani Bee - Added!

Cristophine & Everyone that has posted off-site links - As of right now I am only posting on-site tutorials, but I might make a section at the bottom of off-site tut's.

#30 WARPAINTandUnicorns on 13 years ago