"Did You Take My Picture?" : Comic Con 2006

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#1 Eurobeat King on 12 years ago

Please post here now that San Diego Comic Con is over and request to see if anyone took your picture of your costume(s) at the con. State which character and which series you cosplayed from, and which day of the con you wore the costume. Hopefully someone will reply with a link to your pictures of your costume(s) they managed to take at SDCC

NOTE: Please do not ask for pictures of cosplayers that ARE NOT YOU. We do not allow any posts or threads asking "Who is this cosplayer?" or "I'm looking for this cosplayer" as that is an invasion of privacy. So please request for pictures of your own costume(s) only. Thanks!

Good luck in looking for your pictures from that very busy weekend!

#2 Kentelo on 12 years ago

Did anybody get a picture of me as Green Arrow [DC Comics]? I wore it on Friday, all day, and I was with a friend dressed as Elektra.

#3 Lyuba-chan on 12 years ago

I was Red Sonja on Thursday and Sunday. I know that a LOT of people took my picture, and I would like to see some of them! :P

#4 -Epsilon- on 12 years ago

i want to know if somebody have my picture ?

#5 TR Rose on 12 years ago

I'm looking for pics of my husband and I. We were Team Rocket (from Pokemon) on preview night. On Thursday, I was Princess Peach and he was Luigi (both from Super Mario Bros) - I know a ton of people photographed us then. On Saturday, I was Link (Legend of Zelda) and he was Luigi once again.

Looking for some great photos to post on my website - I will give you full credit! If you have any pics to share, you can either post a link here or PM/email me the pics. Thanks for reading this! = ^_^ =

#6 Breeface on 12 years ago

I was Zidane Tribal from FFIX and Heather Mason from Silent Hill 3.
I already know Al got some~ Just wondering if anyone else did. :3

#7 Scruffy Rebel on 12 years ago

Anyone have any shots of me? I was:

JEDI on Thursday
RAVEN from Teen Titans on Friday and Sunday
ORACLE (in wheelchair) from Batman on Saturday

For the Jedi and Oracle outfits I had red hair.


#8 Eurobeat King on 12 years ago

Sorry if I don't provide the link to the pictures, as I'm busy posting the SDCC pics. :thumbsup: Thanks for understanding!

Kentelo: I recall seeing you two, but from a distance and I think I was heading elsewhere. Sorry I missed that one, but I'm glad I got your award-winning masquerade costumes! :)

Lyuba_chan: Already posted the pictures of your Red Sonja on Friday's gallery. One pic of you has a LOT of views..

-Epsilon-: Took some pics of you on the post-masquerade photo-area, but haven't posted those pics yet. But soon..

TR Rose: Posted the Team Rocket pics in the Preview Night gallery, and I believe your Luigi & Peach pictures are up on Thursday's gallery.

Breeface: I think I took your picture this weekend.. maybe just one. :razz:

Scruffy Rebel: Missed your Jedi, but got your Oracle and your Raven on Sunday (thanks for wearing that again, V.) :)

#9 Aktrez on 12 years ago

Anyone get one of Emma Frost/White QUEEN?

#10 Eurobeat King on 12 years ago

[QUOTE=Aktrez]Anyone get one of Emma Frost/White QUEEN?[/QUOTE]

I took two pictures of you after the exhibit hall closed on Friday, so those will be among the last pictures I post of Day 2, which will be up later. :)

#11 Aktrez on 12 years ago

Thank you. :)

#12 xmissxhellx on 12 years ago

Has anyone got a picture of me, i was Mitarashi Anko on Thursday, AC Tifa on Friday, KH2 Kairi on Saturday, and Summoner Yuna on Sunday.

TR Rose- I got a picture of the both of you on thursday! you guys were awesome! ^^


#13 questionablekri on 12 years ago

hi, does anybody have pics of either my Pirate Sora oufit or my Sophie from Howl's moving castle? (yeah, I was the girl carrying Turnip Head around with me :p )

#14 systemerror5150 on 12 years ago

Anyone get any picture of a Browncoat on Sunday?

#15 Kitsune-sama on 12 years ago

n_n anyone get a picture of a short Kadaj on Thursday or Friday or a (actually, the only), Shuichi Shindou ever?


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