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#1 no-more-thread on 6 years ago

I know its a little late to ask but I was wondering if anyone received a hall costume award? I saw on the anime page for FanExpo that they were going to give them out (via the voice actors and some con staff). I didn't see anyone with a ribbon though. Since there was a lack of cosplay I thought I would see a bunch of people with ribbons but I saw none, nor did I over hear anyone mention anything about them. I'm just really curious :)

#2 Cole on 6 years ago

I know that the girl cosplaying as Sewer Urchin got a hall cosplay award. I was sitting next to her when the con staff came by and gave her what looked like a button or a pin.
And she totally deserved it, too! Her costume was awesome.

#3 Rainbowgasm on 6 years ago

It was a pin this year, not a ribbon, our Code Geass group got them on Thursday, and +traumA+ got a 2nd one on Friday for her Flandre cosplay :)

#4 no-more-thread on 6 years ago

I must have totally missed seeing the buttons then! Thanks!

#5 mokulen22 on 6 years ago

I got one, it was a nice pin. :P

#6 PortagazDAsce on 3 years ago

I got one too, though I wasn't expecting it cause it was my first time cosplaying :)

#7 Merino on 3 years ago

I know there have been talks about doing a more formal hall cosplay contest as well, so hopefully they can get that running next year!

#8 Masenkohuh on 3 years ago

I finally got one this year! kind of funny it was the one cosplay not many people photographed, but I was told some awesome things about my talent for it and to keep it up. It was so wonderful to hear such words of encouragement after I've had such a bad year cosplay wise.

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