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#1 Adorima on 7 years ago

Some of my more recent faves.

Axis Powers Hetalia:
[URL=""]The Crazy Family: East Asia[/URL]
Very cute amv. Random, but the dA art match the mood of the song.
[URL=""]Soldier Side[/URL]: "Maybe you're a joker, maybe you deserve to die. They were crying when there sons left, God is wearing black. He's gone so far to find a home, he's never coming home." ~ Soldier Side by System of a Down.

Elfen Lied:
[URL=""]Blue[/URL] by the Birthday Massacre

[URL=""]Ulquihime/Ichihime: Evil Angel[/URL] by Breaking Benjamin
Very cool.

Vampire Knight:
[URL=""]Broken//Cursed Twins |Ichiru|Zero[/URL] by Lifehouse
Really excellent amv. The lyrics match what's going on in the clips.

[URL=""]Nothing Left to Burn: Zeki[/URL] by Lovers and Liars
Another excellent one.

[URL=""]Zeki Tribute[/URL] - Pieces by Red
I love the song and think it's highly appropriate for this anime and ship but the clips the gal/guy put together are a bit random and don't pose a message. I'd like to put together an amv with this song, I just don't own VK D:.

Princess Jellyfish [URL=""]Vanilla Love ~ Shu and Tsukimi [/URL] I think this vid is too funny I love the traditionally handsome 30 yr old virgin Shu.

#2 rajamitsu on 7 years ago

[URL=""]This GetBackers AMV[/URL] has always been a favorite of mine. Only in part because it focuses on my three favorite characters. ;)

Also [URL=""]Slayers Cabaret[/URL]. Lip-synched very well and very in characters.