3DS XL Announced

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#1 DarkFujin on 7 years ago


I'm a little upset by this because I totally would have gotten an XL if the 3DS hadn't come out. Now they're combining the two! Oh well, my aqua blue 3DS is pretty.

Also lol @ there still not being a second stick.

#2 Michi on 7 years ago

I just want an aqua blue 3DS but they're discontinuing them and I can't justify one right now... :(

Then again they still haven't announced Rocket Slime 3DS for America yet. Guess I'll just import. :p Hahaha.

Seriously though, DS XLs never appealed to me in the first place. I have small hands. I'll be okay.

#3 UNIT0918 on 7 years ago

No second analog nub, and won't the bigger screen make the resolution look like ass?

I guess no 3DS for me anytime soon. There's still no games that I really want on the system, and I'm broke from getting a Vita for the Japanese version of Persona 4 Golden anyway. :D

#4 Mesoian on 7 years ago

Pfft. No

#5 DarkFujin on 7 years ago

Haha I guess I'm the only one who liked the XL. Seriously, if the 3DS wasn't announced when the XL was coming out, I would have bought one.

3DS XL though? It doesn't look like it adds anything significant and I'm pretty happy with my aqua blue 3DS. If I didn't have a 3DS I'd probably get the 3DSXL though because I think the DSiXL is sexy.

#6 Syrinx on 7 years ago

I'm happy with my 3ds... however, the XL has a longer battery life... i'm pretty jealous!

#7 DarkFujin on 7 years ago

Yeah, the longer battery life would be nice. Oh well. It's nothing significant and I love my 3DS so I'm keeping it. The only thing I hate about the 3DS is that it hurts my hand if I'm playing an analog-stick heavy game for too long, but I think I'm probably holding it wrong, and I doubt a new model will help me with that.

#8 Zweihander on 7 years ago

[QUOTE=UNIT0918;4429669]No second analog nub, and won't the bigger screen make the resolution look like ass?

I guess no 3DS for me anytime soon.[/QUOTE]Seconding this. Seriously, Nintendo, I thought you guys liked money. Not getting mine until that shit has a 2nd analog built-in, soz.

#9 TheAnarCHris on 7 years ago

Will see what the holiday bundles have to offer come Black Friday. If I can get a solid deal, I'll pick one up.

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