AM2 2012: Did You Take My Picture? Thread

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#1 NiGHTmaren on 7 years ago

This thread is for any requests of photos someone else took of you in costume at AM2! Please try to be specific as possible for the best chances of finding photos, especially if the character you are cosplaying as is popular! Include the day you wore the costume, and any particular information that will help others identify you (version, props, appearance, etc).

Also, if you are wishing to post photos YOU took at the con, please refer to this thread:


Good luck!

#2 Hanagumori on 7 years ago

Heyyyy I cosplayed Fem. Ellis on Friday and Commander Shepard on Saturday. Thanks~

#3 LeanaMee101 on 7 years ago

I cosplayed Poptart ([url][/url] On the RIGHT) and only attended Saturday

#4 auburnsky on 7 years ago

Hey guys! I cosplayed Young Justice Robin on Saturday and I had a Harley Quinn with me. A lot of people took pics of us so I hope I get to see some. :D Thanks!

#5 jambreaker on 7 years ago

I was Breda (FullMetal Alchemist Amestrian Officer) -- the big guy on Saturday with the iPad ;-)

#6 EmoxJerk on 7 years ago

I cosplayed as Kaito from Vocaloid (in his regular outfit)
(Me on the left)

I got my picture taken many times, so I'm hoping that I could find some taken by the other con-goers! ^ ^

And I only attended on Day 1 (Friday)

#7 ~Shana~ on 7 years ago

Day 1- Ichika from AnoNatsu (bright red wig and a bright yellow vest)(Only one at the con)
Day 2- Erio from Denpa (there was another one there I was the non asian one with the Dragon Kid most of the day)

#8 Hitomi-chan99 on 7 years ago

Was Only There Saturday And Cosplayed Twilight Town Roxas From Kingdom Hearts With A Plushie Keyblade!

#9 stitchez on 7 years ago

On Friday I was Ellis from L4D2 (with a yellow bat) from around 11 to 3 and Lestat de Lioncourt (fancy dude with a maroon frock and a pretty lady in a huge ballgown) from about 3 till 7. Saturday I was the Poland hosting the Hetastuck dating game with Lil Cal (in a skirt and a button up) from 9:30 to around 1, Grandpa Rome (toga, jumping into the fountain at the Hetalia gathering) from about 1 to 3 and then Ellis again (again yellow bat and also a Moltav, usually with a hunter) from 3 till like 7 was at the Valve gathering and hung around the karaoke room for the most part after that belting out country.

#10 DarkEnglishman on 7 years ago

Saturday: The Eleventh Doctor with Time Lord psychic container cube.

#11 Makira on 7 years ago

I was Thief Rikku today!

#12 creativecrater on 7 years ago

Jinkies! I was Velma Dinkley on friday afternoon (we were only there from like 1:30-7:30ish). I was pretty much never alone, always with my sis "littlecrater" as Scooby-Doo and/or my bro as Shaggy Rogers (he has no account). LOTS of people took pics and we'd love it if you shared. Please PM me or littlecrater. THANKS!

Here's a ref pic: [URL=""]Scooby Crew[/URL]

#13 LAphotoNET on 7 years ago

[QUOTE=Hanagumori;4423291]Heyyyy I cosplayed Fem. Ellis on Friday and Commander Shepard on Saturday. Thanks~[/QUOTE]

There you go commander... [URL=""]Go here![/URL]

#14 Sakurastr on 7 years ago

On Saturday I was Fi from skyward sword.

#15 starsinwnderlnd on 7 years ago

I was Maka Albarn, had a big scythe and I was with a Black Star and Death the Kid on day 2 (saturday). Any pictures at all would be great.