I want to get back into anime :[

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#1 0-0mikomiko0-0 on 7 years ago

I fell out of it for about two years because of school. Any tips on how to get back in to anime and cosplay??

#2 Essradi on 7 years ago

Simple: find a show you love and the addiction will return xD

#3 CozartEnma on 7 years ago

was there a genre you enjoyed?

#4 0-0mikomiko0-0 on 7 years ago

I usually went for the thrillers or super gory or like romantic comedy. I like the action ones with a good plotline, some romance, and usually violent haha. Some of my favorites were Basilisk, Blood +, Air, and Code Geass.

#5 SparklyCosplay on 7 years ago

Well, I have an anime recommendation: Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
It's a magical girl show, but with a completely different, dark twist. It's not what you'd expect by looking at the title and frilly outfits! The first two episodes are kind of "eh", but as you progress through the anime, it gets awesome, especially episode 10! (It's only 12 episodes.) But watch the Japanese version, because to be honest, the English version kinda sucks. You can watch it here: [url]http://shitteru2.net/taxonomy/term/21[/url]

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