Manifest 2012 aftermath

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#1 JD_cosplay on 6 years ago

Manifest 2012 is over!

What a wonderful weekend! Manifest 2012 improved a lot over past years for bigger space locations that's more room for walk around. Glad I have seen ton of fantastic cosplayers at there!

What my cosplay plans were...
N (Pokemon Black & White) - Friday
Syaoran Li (Cardcaptor Sakura) - Saturday
L (Death Note) - Sunday
Anyone saw/met me during Manifest 2012?

What are your highlights of Manifest 2012?

#2 NATHDAPUNK on 6 years ago

I was only around on the Saturday (Ash Ketchum cosplayer with the green backpack) - but I must say I did like the Magicarp and Diglett :)

#3 Lady Platinum on 6 years ago

I was the Luka sandplay walking around (the one who won best female on Saturday) I saw you! You were awesome. And the whole time I was thinking 'I've seen that guy on coscom, mabie I should go take a picture and talk to him...' And than my social awkwardness kicked in and I just sort of slunk away XD

#4 NATHDAPUNK on 6 years ago

[post redacted, mod please delete]