Cat Ears-Tail?

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#1 Nagii on 15 years ago

Hey, I was wondering how to make cat ears and a tail for one of my cosplays. I looked everywhere to buy one, but they only come in black and I need it in maroonish. So I was wondering if someone could tell me which and how would be the best way to make them. Thanks.

#2 basiik on 15 years ago

For my Cait Sith costume (in my gallery), I used fun craft foam to shape the ears, and a bit of a feathery boa for the "fur". For my tail, I used fleece, stuffed it nice and full, and shoved awire coat hanger into it to help it hold a shape. It worked pretty well, I had a few people ask where I bought my tail at AX!

Thats just how I did it. I know foam and fleece come in almost every color, and if anything, you could dye a fabric and color the foam.

#3 Donfoxy on 15 years ago

Get some marron colored fabric and cut it into two triangle shapes sew them together you can either attached them to a headband or my personal favorite glue them to some clips for a more "Look! I just grew ears" look. You can stuff them with pillow filling to make the squishy.

#4 Ayame0 on 15 years ago

basiik: I like your cat ears and tail. Your ears actually look like cat ears. I hate to see horribly perky cat ears, because cat ears naturally are a bit angeled :\

(In other words: great job, and Nagii, please make yours like that, they'll look all the more nicer)

#5 Nagii on 15 years ago

Thanks so much for your wonderful ideas ^^;

BTW where do you buy craft form anyways?

#6 speedfreek20 on 15 years ago

Craft shops maybe? XD

or how about real ones O_o

neko mimi mode ^___^

#7 Nagii on 15 years ago

o.o; craft stores...hmm..lots of looking to do, not alot of craft stores around here T_T

#8 Vicky on 15 years ago

For my Sailor Luna I used fuzzy fabric :) The cat tail was made by my friend, I believe she used hanging wire. And for the cat ears I used fun foam (pink, for the inside) and glued the fuzzy fabric to the back and around end.
Try to make the ears Triangular in shape, if they're circular they'll come out looking like mouse ears ^^

good luck!

#9 nikki23nishi on 14 years ago

Thanks i think im gonna use some of this advice for my ears!!!

#10 Jitensha on 14 years ago

One of the more nicer cat tails I have worn was made by my friend. What she did was buy 1~2 metal dog leashes (which you can find 1 maybe 2 bucks max). She made an outer shell of a thick fabric and shaped it like a long tube sewn at the bottom. Through the opening at the top she put the chains in, surrounded by a bit of stuffing. She then added another layer of fabric (I believe) and so nothing was visible through the fabric. I personally didn't like the pattern she used (uhh..purple jaguar O_o) so I cut up a tan colored panty-hose. I slipped both legs over it and you couldnt see the original pattern anymore. I now had a tan colored tail :D The great thing about tails like these is that they have weight in them,so they have a nice natural swing to them when you walk. People always complemented on my tail in con's! sorry I have no pics ; ; to add the tail on your body, I would prupose to buying a chain belt with metal clip. You can clip both sides through a loop of the tail's chain and sew it up. I suppose you coud use a regular belt for this as well.

#11 siead_lietrathu on 14 years ago

for a thin tail, sew a tube then use a hanger or a dowle-rod to shove it right-side-out. lengths of garden hose put in the padding make a really good curve to the tail,so long as positioned right, or you could overlay the fur you want on top of a cheap storebought black cat tail.

#12 Kaja on 14 years ago

Headband from the dollar store and felt is how I make mine! XD Real pro! The felt is stiff so the ears stay up! woot.

#13 SilentCAt on 14 years ago

you can make your own tail and ears

#14 vampirate on 14 years ago

You can get craft foam at Walmart, no need to hunt down a craft store. That's what I used for my moogle ears, and I hotglued them onto a headband. After a couple years I made little fleece covers for them.

I've got a much more complicated and longer tail method that I'm currently working on tweaking.

#15 Hayezer on 14 years ago

If you'd rather buy them then make them your self go to