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#1 Stormraven24 on 6 years ago

This is the event where cosplayers pose as wax models of their characters and photographers get the chance to capture their epic poses without fear of photobombing or crowds. Sign-ups will be taken at the start of the event (3:30PM on Saturday) and cosplayers of any and all media are welcome! If you can, bring a couple reference pics for us just in case we're not familiar with your character (if you don't have any, don't worry!).

If participating as a group, we ask that everyone be cosplaying from the same series/universe (example: Yuko from xxxHolic can pose with Syaoran from Tsubasa, but Inuyasha can't pose with Madoka Kaname).

We'll have some nifty prizes for the winners and a good time shall (hopefully) be had by all!