2013 "Tales of" Gathering!

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#1 Kell-chan on 7 years ago

Greetings! I've somehow gotten myself nominated to be the organizer for this year's "Tales of" gathering, so here we go!

Fanime thread: [URL="http://forums.fanime.com/index.php/topic,18223.0.html"]here![/URL]

I'll be updating both this and the Fanime thread as I hear from peeps. :3

Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

Day: Saturday
Time: 10 AM
MP: The park (the big snake statue)
L: The park

[b]List of attending ~ Character of attendee[/b]

Tales of Xillia
Jude Mathis ~ angelXboy
Milla Maxwell ~ midori
Alvin ~ Yatta Dante
Leia ~ Yatta Dante's +1

Tales of the Abyss
Guy Cecil - PurePlummet
Natalia (Princess outfit) - SilverSkye
Anise Tatlin - JustKiwi
Asch - Tez Ryu
Luke fon Fabre ~ Scarletflare, forystmoon
Tear Grants ~ Scarletflare's friend

Tales of Symphonia
Lloyd Irving ~ TwistedFayt (or Hermana from Tales of Innocence)

Tales of Vesperia
Estelle ~ Jets
Yuri Lowell ~ POOTERS, keikana (?), forystmoon's BF
Judith keikana's girlfriend (?)

Tales of Graces
Richard ~ theamazingmugi1495
Asbel ~ Celine, Rukazu3
Cheria ~ FlautistDrop
Pascal ~ shadow-hikari
Sophie ~ XSuzume TakeshiX

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
Richter Abend ~ Kell-chan
Alice ~ The Nai Pie
Decus ~ Eau de Decus

#2 Jets on 7 years ago

[b][color=#E52B50]I'm planning to attend this as Estelle from Tales of Vesperia.

#3 Kell-chan on 7 years ago

Awesome! Any day/time preferences? I'm leaning toward Saturday morning, if possible.

#4 Kell-chan on 7 years ago

Based on the Fanime thread, I'm putting 11 AM Sat as our tentative time slot, with noon as a back-up. I'm open to suggestions regarding meeting space (indoor/outdoor preferences, etc).

#5 Jets on 7 years ago

[b][color=#C54B8C]Yeah, I'm thinking Saturday at either 11AM or noon for this gathering should work for me.
I'm currently also flexible with Friday mainly and Sunday to a certain extent.

#6 Kell-chan on 7 years ago

Please note updated time and location. :3

#7 PurePlummet on 7 years ago

Hello! I'm the same PurePlummet that already posted on the Fanime forums, but I just wanted to add the cosplay handles of the rest of our Tales group (known collectively as LimitlessEdge):

Guy Cecil - PurePlummet
Natalia (Princess outfit) - SilverSkye
Anise Tatlin - JustKiwi
Asch - Tez Ryu

And 10AM works alright for us :) Thank you!

#8 Kell-chan on 7 years ago

Awesome, thanks! Updated!

#9 Celine on 7 years ago

Depending on what time/day gets finalized, I may be there as Asbel (yay duplicates!).

#10 Kell-chan on 7 years ago

Yay! Updated!

Also, looks like 10 AM is the consensus on the Fanime thread, so I'm leaving it there. It's a little early for those who aren't in hotels, but it will greatly reduce competition for the same time slot.

#11 POOTERS on 7 years ago

yea 10's pretty early. I can't wait to the Symphonia characters that make it to this.(doing Yuri Lowell from Tales of Vesperia)

#12 FlautistDrop on 7 years ago

I plan on going as Cheria from Tales of Graces. My friend, shadow-hikari, will be Pascal from Graces. If you could add us to the list of attending that would be great!

#13 Kell-chan on 7 years ago

Updated! :3

#14 Eau de Decus on 7 years ago

Oh, hi there thread....(is already added to the roaster...just posting for the hell of it).

See you all there on Saturday! ^_^

#15 Celine on 7 years ago

Look forward to seeing you all next week! I just finished my costume, took it to get pressed, shipped off my sword to California. I am all set! :)

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