2013 Dangan Ronpa Photoshoot!

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#1 rocket-boss on 6 years ago

Hi everyone! I'll be hosting a DANGAN RONPA PHOTOSHOOT on Saturday at 11 am!

All Dangan Ronpa cosplayers and fans are invited! Here's a link to the facebook event with more details:


Also lets get a Dangan Ronpa thread going!

#2 schmemy on 6 years ago

It is so beyond exciting to see this fandom growing. What does everyone plan on cosplaying? 8)

#3 Emi on 6 years ago

I'm planning on going as Junko!

#4 schmemy on 6 years ago

[quote=Emi;4668109]I'm planning on going as Junko![/quote]

AH YES I love Junko... Highlight for first game spoilers, but I'm curious, [COLOR=White]what version are you doing? haha

#5 Emi on 6 years ago

Kinda spoilers: Yeah I'm doing the end-game version! Possibly the one with the crown if I can find a similar one. I have a Monobear plush I'm going to carry around too.

#6 peterbanana on 6 years ago

I should be there as Gundam Tanaka

man I was wondering if there would be a meet or something (since dr people being there was kind of a given) google is very handy for things like this.

#7 rocket-boss on 6 years ago

I'll be going as Celes! c:

#8 PookiiBear on 6 years ago

I'm cosplaying Fukawa. Super excited for this :)

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