Steampunk Harley Quinn

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#1 TheFontBandit on 8 years ago

I wore this costume recently to a local steampunk expo. It's an original steampunk variation of Batman's Harley Quinn. I'm looking to hopefully improve upon the costume for next year's Dragon*Con, and I'd be interested to hear some critique or suggestions on ways to make it better. I feel like it's missing something, but I don't know what.

I do intend to find more "steampunk-appropriate" boots and do some more detailing on the pop-gun. I may also invest in a better mask - perhaps a black metal filigree one.


(The Joker in this pic was actually a fellow cosplayer I happened to run into that day.)

#2 uplaw on 8 years ago

First impression, I think you need something on your arms/shoulders, they seems a bit too plain. Maybe a mini jacket or shrug or something. Also, you should switch out one red glove for a black one. I'm not super keen on the belt either, I don't think the gold belongs at all, since it's not anywhere else on the costume. Your lipstick also seems a lot more pink then red. Also, I think you need to add more steampunkness overall, so your costume isn't just Victorianish Harley Quinn.

I very much like detailing on the bottom of the first skirt, and the overall design of the outfit is nice. From what I can tell you have a great start on the popgun! The diamonds on your corset look very neatly done too. Good job so far, I can't wait to see your improvements. c:

#3 TheFontBandit on 8 years ago

Thank you! I think a shrug or jacket was the thing that was bugging me, but I couldn't put my finger on. I still have plenty of red and black taffeta, as well as the black/white diamond fabric I used in the ruffle, and the red/black diamond ribbon. I should be able to come up with something using those.

I also forgot to mention the lipstick - yeah, it did not hold up well. It's supposed to be one of those long-wearing kinds, but it faded pretty badly. It started off a nice deep red, but throughout the day most of it wore off and just left me with a hot pink stain. >_< I'll have to try out some other lipsticks to find one that works.

That's also a good point on the belt. At the time, it was just a necessity, since it was the only way I could carry my phone and wallet. I'm going to try to figure out a different way to carry those, though. The belt does kind of stick out, doesn't it?

I'm kind of stuck on the "more steampunky-ness overall" though. From other steampunk costumes I've done, I know it's all in the details, but I've never done a character this cartoonish. *scratches head* I'm having trouble visualizing the details that will add a steampunk flair, but still maintain the bright colors and cartoony qualities of Harley. Hmm... I think I'll start with the details you've already mentioned, and work out from there. :)

#4 Scoti on 8 years ago

Design wise I understood this was a variant of Harley but I didn't connect it with steampunk. It needs to have a more rustic feel to it. I'd change the colors to something like burgundy/black/taupe rather then her classic bright colors. Also, considering her abilities (known for high agility and use of martial arts) I wouldn't put her in a bustle skirt.

That's just my opinion.

#5 Irarenovo on 8 years ago

hmm maybe try to combine the jacket and the long skirt in the back.. think something like rinoa's duster, but with victorian / maybe brassy buttons for decoration... though I wouldnt button it up, because the middle part looks good on your costume... you could also put belt loops on it for your belt, or get rid of it and make some kind of oversized pockets, maybe diamond shaped?

I might add some more ruffle in the sleeve too, maybe the black and white diamond fabric. You could make it into seperate cuffs to go under the dress shirt if you dont want to sew onto them

you could also have some black ruffles / lace popping out of your boots.. I think "MOAR RUFFLEZ" could go a long way to making this costume look more victorian

#6 TheFontBandit on 8 years ago

Thanks for the suggestions! I did actually consider doing the costume in a more muted color like burgundy, but I feel that the red-red is one of Harley's trademarks. And Victorians loved color - bright colors were more the norm for women's clothing. (Also, all my other steampunk ensembles are muted colors and neutrals... I wanted something different for this one).

I do see what you mean about the skirt, though. I love the bustle, so I might just alter it. Remove the train and shorten it so it's just the front bit and the bustle, then add some sort of bloomers or something underneath. I think the proper boots will help that too, since the ones I wore were just what I already had, and are not at all appropriate for acrobatics!

I love the idea of a coat instead of a shrug, though... I'll have to do some playing around and see what I can come up with. And more ruffles are always good!

#7 Lady Solo on 8 years ago

It looks cute so far!

#8 laizeohbeets on 8 years ago

Maybe pantaloons instead of the skirt? Or maybe them under the skirt?

#9 SweeneyTodd on 8 years ago

I think it looks very good! I really like the design
Everything looks very neat and well done
I also like your wig a lot. xD