Captain Jack Harkness

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#1 GroundControl on 8 years ago

I've been thinking about cosplaying Captain Jack Harkness and I'm looking for a bit of advice. I just bought a jacket and some buttons (photo here: [URL=""][/URL]). They aren't exactly perfect, but they were the closest I could find at a reasonable price. The jacket is blue, but depending on the lighting, it can look grey, and I substituted RAF buttons with Canadian Air Cadet buttons (I'm from Canada and I found a jar full of them for a good price).

Thoughts on the coat would be wonderful, but there isn't much I can change about the colour (I don't want to risk wrecking a good coat by attempting to dye it).

What I'd really like is some ideas for what to make a Vortex Manipulator (picture here:[URL=""][/URL]) and communication device (picture here: [URL=""][/URL]) out of.


#2 SaskWhovian on 8 years ago

I actually just finished my Captain Jack costume. I had the jacket made for me so good thing you have yours alreayd cause I can't help there. Also if you wanted some RAF buttons I know ebay usually have Kings Crown buttons and sometimes you can get a large lot for a decent cost. Also I can't look at images here at work so I will check them out when I get home.

As far as the Time Vortex Manipulator goes I acutally bought mine. There was a Dr Who toy one that was released in the UK and I bought it off a UK collector... I know I saw a thread somewhere (not here I think) about someone who built one... let me see if I can find it.

I am not sure if this thread will help as I didn't read past the first couple pages and saw some diagrams and chatter about making it [url][/url]

Maybe you can find one of the toy ones they made but they seem to be getting harder to find. Worst case take a lot of pictures of it to a leather worker and have that part made and try and build the center piece?

Sorry I am not that helpful! I did take the easy way out after all.

#3 SaskWhovian on 8 years ago

Also while I am thinking about it there is the Prydon Academy forums which is all Dr Who based and they have a section for props and that... someone there might be able to help you better!

#4 GroundControl on 8 years ago

Thanks very much for the help! The link is especially helpful.

I'd actually like to do as much of the work on the Vortex Manipulator as I can. My brother bought a used leather coat to make some leather pouches and he has some of the material left over. I've been drafting my own pattern from reference pictures and it seems to be going well so far. I've tried looking for the toy version online before, but I don't know if it will fit properly, plus if I can make it myself from real leather, then I'd like to try to make it look authentic. I still need to figure out how to make the center piece, but I just bought some blue LED lights online today, so I intend to have it light up. Once I've worked on it a bit more, I'll put up some pictures :D

#5 SaskWhovian on 8 years ago

I am using the toy this time around mostly cause of cost limits and various other restraints I have to work with.

Next time I plan on having one made. The toy will do for now it just looks a little... small. Fits at least.

#6 GroundControl on 8 years ago

Would you ever consider making one yourself? I'm thinking that if mine turns out I'll do a tutorial and put it up online.

Also, I was wondering if you had any pictures of your Jack Harkness cosplay? I'd love to see it.

#7 Michi_Lolita on 8 years ago

I'd love to see both of your Jack cosplays~ (Sorry for giving absolutely no advice. I'm new to cosplay so I couldn't help.)

#8 SaskWhovian on 8 years ago

I have SOME.... somewhere... let me check.

OK, not the best ones though... but all I have at the moment. Also apparently the PC I am on does not have flash so I will have to just copy and paste the links as I can't actually copy the IMG tags for some reason....

[url] Harkness/?action=view&current=Photo28.jpg[/url]

[url] Harkness/?action=view&current=Photo29.jpg[/url]

[url] Harkness/?action=view&current=Photo30.jpg[/url]

[url] Harkness/?action=view&current=Photo34.jpg[/url]

[url] Harkness/?action=view&current=PIC_0015.jpg[/url]

[url] Harkness/?action=view&current=PIC_0016.jpg[/url]

Didn't like the colour of the holster so I redyed it:
[url] Harkness/?action=view&current=PIC_0018.jpg[/url]

NEw buttons! Proper Kings Crown RAF WWII buttons! (Bit blurry sadly)
[url] Harkness/?action=view&current=PIC_0023.jpg[/url]

Found some acutaly Group Captain rank bars:
[url] Harkness/?action=view&current=PIC_0024.jpg[/url]

#9 GroundControl on 8 years ago

That's very impressive! I think you did a great job on putting the costume together. I'm especially envious of your cufflinks :P

#10 SaskWhovian on 8 years ago

The vortex manipulator and cufflinks came all the way from the UK. As did the group captain rank sliders.

The rest I got around town or from the US.

I once thought about making my own VM but... I suck at making things. >.> If I had the plans I would give it a shot though... and if that failed I know friends I could possibly get to do it for a case of beer or something.

#11 ScarletRhapsody on 8 years ago

Okay, so I'm currently commissioning the overcoat for my partner. I've always been convinced it is a charcoal gray. However, the lightning also makes it look dark navy. I'm leaning towards charcoal gray (Gwen does allude to the color in the first two episodes of season one), but I've seen dark navy variations.

I'm also wondering what fabric should I pick up for the overcoat. I'm thinking something heavy and twill-y.

I do have a collection of gold buttons that I can use for the front part. I do have some nice buttons leftover from Bible Black for the cuffs (small gold buttons with a nice regal pattern to it).

Insight would be very much appreciated!

#12 Lost Cause on 8 years ago

It's supposed to be a blue-grey colour. If you want an idea what I mean by that, google "RAF Service Dress".

#13 micro-babe on 8 years ago

It's definitely a variation of slate. I've been marathoning Torchwood for the past few days.

I always thought it looked like wool.

#14 Stormraven24 on 8 years ago

I second the wool theory. To me, it looks to almost be a faded navy/slate color.

#15 SaskWhovian on 8 years ago

Wool would be the best. Mine is wool.. I think.. at least it looks like it.

As far as the colour I am not sure myself. Sometimes I swore it looked blue and other times it looked very much grey.

With mine I went with a grey colour. dark-ish grey... slate.. ish? It sure is a jacket.