CLAMP photoshoot

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#1 skye_fall on 8 years ago

I would love to do a CLAMP gathering if possible; I have a Nihon Tomoyo costume ready.. once I actually fix the head dress and figure out a way to make it a bit more secure/less head hurting after two hours). My boyfriend and I may also try and get a Syaoran and Sakura costume set together in a month.

Friday evening or Saturday may work the best. Anyone interested?

#2 こばとあぱぱ on 8 years ago

OOh I am. Ive got two CLAMP costumes actually:D

#3 Aurora's Heart on 8 years ago

According to the photoshoot schedual there is a photo shoot at 12 noon on Saturday. I'm still debating if I can go. I had to change my costumes around so, I'm debating if I should bring my winter school Sakura just for the photo shoot. Very tempting. :)

#4 Prota-Girl on 8 years ago

I would like to try this... Maybe I can bring my Lelouch in on this? o,o

#5 December Wynn on 7 years ago

Can I recommend Friday evening? My Vampire twin and I might be able to attend.