2010 Trinity Blood

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#1 kimu on 10 years ago

Because our tea party went over so well last year, based on the one the year before, we'll certainly plan to do it again! That will be in addition to the main gathering, for those with the time to enjoy it.
13 sugar tea, anyone??
(Start time for the tea party will be about an hour after the gathering ends, at one of the round tables in the convention center. The hour is so people don't have to bring tea party stuff to gathering, have time to get to Starbucks or whatever, and for time to stake out a table.)

Official Trinity Blood Gathering
Where: FMS = Front Marriott Side of the Convention Center Lobby (tree area)
Day: Sunday (Day 3)
When: 2 pm

Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

List of TB cosplayers:
# = 17 + 1 maybe

Charis -- Sister Kaya Syokka, a.k.a. Gypsy Queen
D001 -- Sister Kate a.k.a. Iron Maiden
Esther-chan -- Sister Esther Blanchett
Ginryuu -- Leon Garcia de Asturias a.k.a. Dandelion
? Hime/Reira-hime -- Sister Kaya a.k.a. Gypsy Queen [may not be ready in time]
kimu -- Abel Nightroad a.k.a Krusnik (manga version)
ilikeolive -- Sister Noelle a.k.a The Mistress
Nightroad -- Abel Nightroad a.k.a Krusnik (anime version)
Sesshomaru 12 -- Abel Nightroad w/ Crusnik wings (anime version)
Sister Kate -- Sister Kate a.k.a. Iron Maiden
strawberry_elf -- Cardinal Caterina Sforza, Duchess of Milan

From the Empire
blancoisma -- Ion Fortuna, Earl of Memphis
komichuu -- Mirka Fortuna, Duchess of Moldova (manga version)
PumpkinSpice -- Seth Nightroad, Empress Vladica
Shokora -- Sheherazade Al-Rahman (manga version)
Vasher -- Astharothe Asran (Empire version)

DuoMonkey -- Isaak Fernand von Kampfer a.k.a. Magician

Honeybee -- Lilith Sahl (manga cartoon school girl version)

Normally, a lot of the discussion for this group takes place on the Fanime forums:

#2 Duo Monkey on 10 years ago

I'll do either Issak to torment you or maybe Lilith to make you behave. Depends.

#3 D001 on 10 years ago

Sister Kate checking in ^_^

#4 myalchod on 10 years ago


Does this mean we can take the Iron Maiden out again?! :angel: :angel: :angel:

#5 kimu on 10 years ago

Great to hear from you, Sister Kate!
However, I think I'll pass on flying around in the Iron Maiden with you guys....you know, might get airsick....

As for Lilith, that would be lovely. :angel:
But as for maybe Isaak......?:untrust:

#6 D001 on 10 years ago

Of course it means we gte to take the Iron Maiden out again, Sister Kaya! San Jose airspace traffic rules be ...er...uh...you get the idea ^_^

And yes, Father Nightroad, no getting airsick. But I do have a new blend of tea I"ll be bringing with me. Perhaps you would care to partake in it and let me know how it turned out?


#7 Ginryuu on 10 years ago

I'll have Leon done like I promised. Probably only pesudo-anime status but we'll see what details I can manage to squeeze out.

*jumps over to Fanime forums*

#8 kimu on 10 years ago

Yeah! We will have a Dandelion!
While I enjoy a new blend of tea, I can watch Sister Kate scolding Father Leon.

If you have Leon to an anime level of 'wearable enough' you will be fine and we are so happy you are joining our TB cosplay fun.

#9 Ginryuu on 10 years ago

Sister Kate, scold me? Now why would she do that? 9.9

I'm fairly certain I can get him to 'wearable enough' by Fanime. But my brain is always thinking three steps ahead so all of the little details keep seeping their way in. ^_^;

#10 D001 on 10 years ago




#11 myalchod on 10 years ago


Ano ... Sister Kate? Is there something I should be asking you to explain?

*big innocent eyes*

I typed 'bling' instead of 'blink' at first. So very appropriate for a TB thread!

#12 Ginryuu on 10 years ago

Hey, I haven't done anything yet this time...I think. AND WHAT DO YOU HAVE AGAINST CHEST HAIR! D=

#13 D001 on 10 years ago



#14 kimu on 10 years ago

Remind me not to take Leon over to the sushi restaurant....
No salmon roe nigiri sushi for you!


Ah yes, I can see we're going to have a crazy tea party after the photoshoot....

#15 Ginryuu on 10 years ago

NOR AM I A FISH! D=< Get that in your head woman!

And no worries, I'd not interested in sushi. Gimme a nice steak any day.

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