The Unofficial 'Did You Take My Picture' Thread~

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#31 xshedevilx on 10 years ago

I was SnJ-Rock Sasuke (curse-marked), I was usually with a group or SnJ-Rock Gaara. Pics for both would be appreciated. We were only there Saturday.

#32 LugiaP2K on 10 years ago

Rock nam Lee: Here's a short video from the masquerade [url] Expo 09/?action=view&current=DSCF1850.flv[/url]

Ishida_Kat: I have a masquerade video for your costume too [url] Expo 09/?action=view&current=DSCF1876.flv[/url]

Anyone have pics of my costumes?

Friday - Caterina Sforza (RCO)
Ref: [url] Expo 09/DSCF1833.jpg[/url]

Saturday - Hao Asakura
Ref: [url] Expo 09/DSCF1834.jpg[/url]

#33 KittyLee on 10 years ago

Hey, I went on Sat as Shana. I was the one with the red wig, if anyone has my picture I would appreaciate it thanks~!

#34 BeepSushi on 10 years ago

Looking for photos of the J-Rock Naruto (guitar hero, harajuku, visual kei, etc.) group from Saturday! 8D

#35 Nagii on 10 years ago

Looking for pics of me as Da Qiao -see avatar-

#36 RING0guu on 10 years ago

ohh, sachie that's such a stunning picture of me. I look psychotic, D:

Any pictures of me? :3 Chii, Pink Lolita + Basket & Parasol
Even though Sachie's doing it for the both of us, maybe theres singles too.

#37 aiJenni on 10 years ago

Any pictures of me and my friends?
I was Alice from Pandora Hearts. ^^
Ref: [url][/url]

#38 Sachie on 10 years ago

@ RING0guu- Shut up. My wig seemed to take on a life of it's own and start to consume my face. D;

#39 radioheart on 10 years ago

I only went Saturday.
In the morning; 11-1, I was a silent hill nurse (with the needle) and I remember that only two people got my photo.

At one, I changed into the Joker. I had wild green curly hair and had some blood splattered cards.
The photo of the joker is in my display photo.

#40 RING0guu on 10 years ago

LOL. atleast your face is better than mine.
The natural smile look was starting to fade..
I look like a barbie doll, with piercing demon eyes.

#41 Jacmer on 10 years ago

I was Mukuro Rokudo from Reborn! on Saturday. =)

I might have been the only one that day, I was the one in the leather jacket with the blue trimming and the trident XD.

#42 aiJenni on 10 years ago

*edit* Meant to make a pm. o-o

#43 nagi lee lover on 10 years ago

hey!! i was wondering if anyone has my pic?? i was the really short poliwhirl with the long hair?? if anyone has a pic of me id really appreciate it!!

#44 Kawaii_Omi on 10 years ago

If anyone took a pictures of my Aqua ~ [url][/url]

#45 Altophobia on 10 years ago

I was Katsuragi Yako on Sat. Any one take my pic?