The Unofficial 'Did You Take My Picture' Thread~

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#1 Sachie on 10 years ago

There isn't one now, so I thought I'd make one!

I was (probably the only) Suiseiseki from Rozen Maiden, and I was also with my friend who was dressed as Chii from Chobits (in a Pink Lolita Dress and had a white basket and pink parasol)

I most likely looked horribly bad in the pictures, OTL.
Here is a reference~
(I was also sometimes wearing chobit ears...:3)



#2 Yaranaika on 10 years ago

Anyone have me, Takakazu Abe?
<pic related [URL=""][/URL]

#3 SilverWind on 10 years ago

If anyone has photos of my Shanoa cosplay, I'd love to see them. :)


I was there in the afternoon on Friday, and late morning/early afternoon on Saturday. Unfortunately, I won't be attending Fan Expo tomorrow!

#4 NorthernDwnpour on 10 years ago

Hii : > I was [URL=""]Japan from Hetalia[/URL] both Friday and Saturday : ) I had an Iggy with me who was in a black suit Just asking for that one in advance ;D Hehe.

#5 leelandolee92 on 10 years ago


I've been working at the Rocky/Repo Booth all weekend as Columbia, from Rocky Horror, if ya got a pic, link it!

:0 Thanks a heap

#6 Goemomo on 10 years ago

Anyone take pictures of me and/or my friends?

We were a Lupin III group mainly with two Jigens and one Goemon (me). Our Lupin came and went.

We'd appreciate all the help!

#7 Pink.Serenity on 10 years ago

@Sachie: Oh my gosh, I totally saw you guys, I walked right past you! But I couldn't take a picture because my camera was dumb and drained all the batteries I had -_-, basically I was camera-less...I'm sorry >_<. The costumes looked great though!!

Did anyone get me as Yoruichi Shihouin from Bleach on Saturday? (I'll put real references up soon, but for now this will do).


#8 RadRage on 10 years ago

Anyone get a picture of a Pegasus with a pop-up Toon World book? >.>;

#9 Miranda-chan on 10 years ago

Hey all!~ I was Jasdero with my brother as Debito from D. Gray-man on Saturday.

[url] 81/SC8123.png[/url]

Did anyone get photos of us? Thanks in advance~ <33333

#10 Pillow-chan on 10 years ago

Looking for some pictures of me. Yesterday (Friday) I was Nia Teppelin from Gurren Lagann, and today (Saturday) I was Rhyme from The World Ends With You~
Any pictures would be much appreciated ^_^

#11 Tenchii on 10 years ago

I was there as Konan with my boyfriend as Deidara and my younger brother as Hidan. If anyone has got any pics I'd greatly appreciate if you could pm me, thanks n.n

@Sachie: I got a pic of you and your friend, your costumes were gorgeous!

@RockOut: I also got a pic of you, your toon world and millennium eye looked amazing :)

I'll send you both the urls once I've uploaded my pictures :)

#12 Kyomi on 10 years ago


I know this is going to be a long shot, but has anyone got pictures of me as an Archbishop from Ragnarok Online from Friday?

It's pretty much a priest outfit, but blue, white and yellow.

Ref picture: [url][/url]

@Yaranaika: I've got one, sorry it's a little blurry

#13 erisaniru on 10 years ago

Did anyone get a picture of us? We were Simca, Ringo, and Agito/Akito from air gear on Friday, and we were in .hack//G.U. cosplays today.

ref picture from friday: [url] Expo Friday 09/IMG_7229.jpg[/url]

ref picture from saturday: [url] Expo Saturday 09/IMG_7291.jpg[/url]

#14 amariel on 10 years ago

Did anyone get any pictures of Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mars from Friday?

#15 Lorelei on 10 years ago

Ha ha ha.

Friday -- Donna Troy from the DCU (black bodysuit COVERED with glitter)
Saturday -- Wonder Girl (red metallic spandex) and Supergirl (big red cape, with Batgirl, Black Canary, Poison Ivy, etc)
Sunday -- Supergirl again