Princess Jasmine Wig--help???

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#1 Hime on 10 years ago

Hello! I am wondering if anyone may offer some tips/advice? I've been working on a Princess Jasmine cosplay, however figuring out how to style her wig has been a bit tough. My friends and I have been pitching various ideas, such as working with shorter wigs on top to obtain the volume. But overall.....I'm actually quite afraid to style this wig! T_T


Any help is most appreciated! Thank you!

#2 LKD on 10 years ago

I used hair rollers to make the rolls xD However they were too heavy and it unroll so I had..purple rolls showing >>

I'm going to use hair rats when I restyle it, I've only seen them sold online D:

This tutorial that a friend showed me is helpful :3

Good Luck!

#3 Hee-Hee on 10 years ago

That's a really cool tutorial you posted, LKD! For this particular wig I would try a similar technique but with quilter's batting (instead of rollers), since it's so light and you can paint it. Also, buy extension wefts! You'll want to attach them to the inside of the wig and pull them over so that netting doesn't show along the edges.

#4 Dazzle chan on 10 years ago


I worked at Disney last year.
And I was a costumer! ^_^

I'm going to be doing a version of jasmine soon also.
But anywho.

All the parts that are poofy,
Bang-things around the crown of her head, and each "pony tail" thing.
Are all styro foam... just with the wig hair wrapped around it.
You will also want to put in additional wefts so it doesn't look thin.
Since Jasmine's hair is anything but thin.
But thats how the wigs are at Disney World.

Hope that helped.

#5 Hime on 10 years ago

Thank you all for your help!!!