New to Cosplay, need character ideas.

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#1 Narutokris on 6 years ago

I really like Naruto A LOT so i prefer suggestions from that, if possible, any character at all!. I also like final fantasy. Any suggestions would really help. I'm 5'5" medium brown hair, short, or spiked. Picture attached. I am planning to do Nagato from Akatuski, since i can do spike hair. Not sure how that'll go, i will do any akatsuki member since I love them! Opinions welcome!

On another note, looking for any naruto groups to team up with, if i decide to go with a naruto character that is. Thanks!

#2 LluviaSarcasm on 6 years ago

I think your facial form fits really well for Obito Uchiha!
Other good characters would be Kankuro, Shino and Yamato I think.

And do you plan on using a wig for Nagato? I would really recommend it.

#3 Ninbri on 6 years ago

Kankuro, Obito, Pein/Pain, and Kiba. Seriously.

#4 Narutokris on 5 years ago

i would definitely use a wig for nagato or any character. I was also thinking of doing Naruto in sage mode, I have a real awesome makeup artist friend. thanks for feedback all!