Pokemon Gathering~

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#1 moonymonster on 5 years ago

Hey guys! Marisa here (that Misty who organized the Pokemon Gathering last year)! I figured I might as well get the thread up and running to do a Pokemon Gathering again! Since Saturday worked well last year, here's what I'm thinking:

Saturday, 2PM, That Courtyard By The Palm Trees Where We Were Last Year And If I Had A Map This Would Be a Lot Easier


*Group Photo
* Group Silly Photo
* Humans
* Gijinka
* Generations
* Anime Characters
* Manga Characters
* Game Characters
* Professors
* Misc characters (rangers breeders etc)
* Gym Leaders
* Bad Guys
* Final Group Picture (for stragglers)

I think 2 is a pretty good time to start. Enough time after lunch to chill. By the way, I'll probably be Misty again, but the Magician's Assistant version. You know, the one that shows up for five minutes in one episode but I spent a month and a half constructing it anyway. Because that's how I ROLL.

Let me know if you have any suggestions and if you're coming~!

#2 chibirodan on 5 years ago

Hey Marisa I will totally be posting a map as well as as Grid layout of the gatherings as soon as I find out all the available cosplay and photo shoot areas. Furthermore thank you for your early posting of your thread and I wish you an enjoyable PMX!

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