How to Make Wings for Shoes

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#1 RoseButterfly on 6 years ago

I'm doing a cosplay for Sakura-hime from Tsubasa. On her shoes she has wings and I was wondering how to make them. Do any of you have ideas? I'm not terribly good at molding.... The same wings are also part of her hair piece. Here's the whole picture of the outfit. It's the only picture of this outfit so sorry about that!


#2 AGarmentOfWings on 6 years ago

Quick and Cheap and relatively sturdy without using metal (which might not be permitted by the con) or doing a lot of moulding: You could cut "fun foam" sheets into those shapes. For the bits that look raised, glue (I use hot glue gun glue, usually) on a second layer. If you want to paint it a different color, put a coat of gesso on it as primer.

You might be able to use some sort of sheet plastic, but if you want to use glue, make sure it's a type of plastic that can be glued and make sure you use a glue that is compatible with that type of plastic (glue containers will often say what that can't glue).

You could probably also make them using fabric, really stiff interfacing, and then add the designs using paint, fabric markers, embroidery, or quilting. This has the potential to be really ice looking and fancy,, as long as you don't mind having to clip and turn lots of annoying curves and points in those feathers.

If you finish in time, will you be wearing this at Katsucon?

#3 RoseButterfly on 6 years ago

It totally slipped my mind to use craft foam! But then again, I'm concerned about it not being 3 dimensional..... Maybe "fill" it with something....

and yes, I'm planning on wearing this to Katsu, I have 2 shoots already lined up for early Sunday morning to I can have the gazebo~