Fire Emblem Gathering 2009

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#16 Grey Finch on 11 years ago

Sunday works for me too~ so does 3pm! Any time of the day really is fine with me.

#17 K-ayu on 11 years ago

[QUOTE=Leradny;2858811]Agreeing with afternoon, though I'd suggest Sunday.

Also, change of plans: Karel will not be coming with me as he has just learned of college stuff which he must do Memorial weekend :(.[/QUOTE]
Aww, that's too bad.

#18 Dark Vision on 11 years ago

I dunno maybe I'll bring my Ranulf and finally get pics with somebody... since my catgirls still haven't made their costume and its been over a year since I've finished mine.

#19 Siyana on 11 years ago

Actually, is it possible to have it on a day other than Sunday? BWB is on that day, and I'd really like to not have to drag another costume and wig around the con, because I don't have a car or a hotel room...

#20 pho3nix on 11 years ago

Sunday's good for me =3. Can I please be added as Leanne?

Senti, do you have any friends that are staying in the hotel? Maybe you can leave your things with them and change before the ball?

#21 Siyana on 11 years ago

Unfortunately, I live like 20 minutes away, so none of my friends have hotel rooms, and I'm not comfortable leaving a whole costume for my AA friends to watch. Yay for being close but not close enough to drive back and forth.

Eh, I'll figure something out, hopefully.

#22 Thia Fayne on 11 years ago

I'll be there as Lethe (FE9)! Sunday at 3pm works fine for me. :)

#23 Kandybar on 11 years ago

Yay, we'll have a bunch of laguz this year!

Oh, and I've decided I'm wearing Joshua for the gathering. :)

#24 Kandybar on 11 years ago

BTW, we should probably submit day/time to BSaphire so we're on the official gathering list.

#25 pho3nix on 11 years ago

K-ayu hasn't been posting any replies for awhile. Should we just submit it ourselves? Are we mostly okay with Sunday at 3?

#26 Kandybar on 11 years ago

It looks like that's good for the majority.

#27 Kandybar on 11 years ago

Well, it's been a week and nobody's protested, so I'll go ahead and submit it to BSaphire. :D

#28 Kandybar on 11 years ago

So, BSaphire says Sunday at 3 is full, but 3:30 or 4 is available. Preferences?

#29 pho3nix on 11 years ago

I never liked how gatherings are treated like it's some kind of panel now and it can be "full". Half an our won't make much of a difference, most likely we'll all be in Fire Emblem costumes by 3 anyway. So I guess 3.30?

#30 Siyana on 11 years ago

Both times would work, but I'd personally prefer 4, not that it makes much of a difference.