~AV 2010~ Who are you cosplaying???

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#1 にかいと on 8 years ago

It was recently announced that Anime Vegas we be held at the Alexis Park Resort.
So! What are your cosplay plans for this year's con?

#2 PumpkinSpice on 8 years ago

Soo far... (:
Day one: Ciel Phantomhive, Kuroshitsuji
Day two: Neliel Tu Oderschvank, Bleach
Day three: Seth Nightroad, Trinity Blood
Day three may change, depending on how much money i have by then. I maybe be able to cosplay as Yuna in her wedding dress... but it's just a maybe :)

#3 iaShakezula on 8 years ago

Oh good someone started this here, they still need to fix the website, its too slow.

Anyway,I know for sure I am bringing my Sengoku Basara Yukimura outfit there and most likely compete in the Masquerade with that.

Otherwise ,I havent decided what else to bring.I really dont want to bring any of the layered costumes which is most of them .. its too hot.Maybe just bring the new ones I will be making for AX which is pretty low key.

#4 A x e l - F on 8 years ago

I"m still debating. I have a feeling I'm only going to go the one day and Dress as Organization XIII Version Riku from Kingdom Hearts II.

#5 Celcia on 8 years ago

Still debating it. I might bring my Aerith or Sheryl Nome costume.

#6 missrelena on 8 years ago

Ummm --

I know I'm cosplaying as:

Kotoko Fujikoka (Ouran Wonderland Episode)
Esther in her White Habit (Trinity Blood Art Book)
and at least one other costume. . . but I can't say which day will be which yet!

Duh! I forgot to mention my Sailor Pluto! I'm wearing her to the Masquerade Ball!

#7 Tenshi on 8 years ago

Ooh boy, what to wear? I have two things planned already:

Mad Hatter Tamaki (Ouran Host Club)
Tuxedo Kamen (Sailor Moon) - yes, I'm serious.

Gotta think of one more thing, but it'll be something already completed. Two new costumes for one con is enough!

#8 Aciano on 8 years ago

[*]If I do go, which I'll probably have to because a friend I haven't seen in so long is going,
[*]I'll be doing Kagamine Rin from Vocaloid, or possibly Ritsuka from Loveless. If I go for more than one day, I'll probably try and do a Yuffie cosplay and maybe finish a few costumes. =3=

#9 NamineGhostGirl on 8 years ago

I'll be bringing Rebecca Chambers and Steve Burnside from Resident Evil as well as Ukraine from Axis Powers Hetalia~ <3

As for the Masq' I have no idea. Plus I never tell anyone anyways ;P

#10 mastershambler on 8 years ago

I'll likely bring Captain Falcon :)

#11 Khiorii on 8 years ago

I keep changing my mind since its soo far away right now. BUT! I'll have Hikaru (Angelic Layer) fully finished by then. ^_^

#12 iaShakezula on 8 years ago

Since I will be making a new costume.... I will most likely wear my Baka o Test to Shokanju school uniform and carry my chibi shonkanju with me and the colorful apron that my character wear .

I stil have to make this for AX around May

#13 Kitty13 on 8 years ago

well if i can go i'll prolly do Near and Akito/Agito and possibly Hunny, debateable =3

#14 Lady Saya on 8 years ago

I dunno if I'll be able to go this year (and if I do it probably might be for a day). If I do go I might fix up my Yukiko Amagi cosplay or go as someone from Durarara!!, Baccano!, or Darker Than Black instead.

#15 Christycard on 8 years ago

I don't know yet! I really want to do a formal Alucard to go with my formal Girlycard... But that would just be for the Masq Ball. Hmmm...

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